7×7 Link Award

Hmm, so I’m sitting here right now pondering whether I should study for finals…or watch a movie. Turns out neither is happening as I decided to spend a few minutes to put these up before I totally forget about them. I don’t like to do awards posts for my own sake, but I realize that it’s a great chance for some of the other lesser known blogs to get recognized, so my intent in doing these is so that other well deserving blogs get the recognition they need and/or deserve. So anyways, I just want to thank Ayasonice for nominating me for not one, but two awards. If you’ve the sudden urge for some delicious poetry, her blog is definitely one to indulge in. Yum.

7X7 Link Award

The only requirements of this award is..as below.

  • Thank my benefactor.
  • Tell one unknown thing about me.
  • Link to seven of my previous posts.
  • Award seven other folks.

So first off, thanks a ton Ayasonice! Going to totally be honest…I wasn’t a huge fan of poetry, at all in high school. But after reading some of the stuff that you put up, I guess you could say there’s been maybe a change of heart haha! So yea, thanks for that and keep up the great posts too!

Hmm, one unknown thing about me…Born in Germany, raised in South Korea (for the first 6 years of my life anyway :P ). I’m half-Korean, half-Puerto Rican. 100% Awesome. <—haha, jk.

Links to seven of my posts eh?

1. First Ever Post.

2. A bit about who I live with LOL.

3. Cue the creepyness.

4. Some nightmares I’ve had.

5. The Ultimate Nightmare (I still shudder thinking about this one…)

6. A little introspection

7. The work of rainy days

I hope you enjoy those, if you take a minute to look through them. These were some of my all time favorite posts that I’ve done, I think anyways haha.

Alright, so for the fun part. Here are my seven choices for this award:

You guys definitely deserve the recognition! Alright well keep up those amazing posts! I always enjoy reading them for sure :P

11 Responses to “7×7 Link Award”

  1. Thank you so much for those nominations, I still don’t know how that happened :D and why. Man, I must follow more blogs so I have enough to link them to all those awards xD

  2. I agree with you… you are 100% awesome! :P From the moment I stumbled onto your blog, I was immediately won over :) And, I’m glad you now find poetry interesting. Yay! …long live poetry! hehe

    You definitely deserve all the awards you receive and I hope it is indicative of all the success you’ll have in your field of study and beyond. Keep thinking and writing, dear friend. People say the sky is the limit but I say… burst through the skies and launch into outer-space!!! ;)

    • Haha well, thank you :P Well that is pretty awesome to hear!
      I will definitely try to keep writing, it’s really a stress relief for me, so I can definitely guarantee more haha! And thank you, that is so nice of you!! Right, I will definitely aim to do that; I’ll just need a good helmet so that I don’t run out of oxygen up there :P
      But I wish you the same as well. Keep writing! You never know who you will reach out to.

  3. Thanks for the recognition. Now I have to see if I am smart enough to figure out how to do links to my own posts. I am a computer moron, remember… sigh… ok, here we go…

  4. I let you down big time. I spent an hour and a half doing my award post, then I lost it all… (I blame wordpress)… but I am horrible at this stuff. I can’t go through all that again. Maybe in a day or two… I don’t know… sorry…


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