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December 31, 2011

The Simple Days

Every once in a while, I’ll have a dream. A really peaceful dream actually. I’m in a field, some sort of pasture and I’m free to run. Run forever and ever without a care in the world because there are no worries. The sun is bright, the clouds are high, the field is green. I could feel the cool air brush on my face as I’m running. Flowing through my hair and my clothes. Very surreal. I almost feel like I’ve been in a place like this before. But I never have.

Then I wake up and in an instant…everything is gone. I find myself facing another day, mostly of the same routines. I sometimes wish that I could fall back asleep and go back to that haven. That safe place where the monotony of this world is broken. But I can’t and I have to bring myself to wake up. I have to realize that maybe there isn’t a place like that. No where close to me anyways…

Hard to believe that another year is coming to a close. The Christmas tree in our living room is dim. The presents there no more. To be honest, I didn’t really feel a Christmas cheer this year. I feel like it’s just used as more of a marketing tool for many corporations to sell their products. It just feels like it lost that magic that made it such a special day. I remember when I was a few years younger the weeks leading up to Christmas would feel like I was in limbo. Christmas couldn’t just get here any faster! But this year, it just felt like another ordinary day…is this how adults feel about the holidays?

I was able to see War Horse today. And it was actually a touching story. Really enjoyed it. And I’m not really a fan of a boy-that-falls-in-love-with-an-animal type of story either. Looking a little past the story, I realized that before all of this technology that things used to be good and innocent. Everything was so much more pure. People were more open, more friendly. You could look into someone’s eyes and they would look back at you and smile.

Another show/movie that I watched recently was 5 Centimeters Per Second. I wanted to mention this one because reminiscing about life before computers and cell phones made me remember this gem of a story. The movie, in brief, is about this boy and a girl that are unable to share their feelings for each other. They eventually grow up and follow their own paths, but this movie was freaking heartbreaking. I was basically shouting at my computer the whole time for them just to admit their feelings for each other. And you know, I actually might have shed a few tears at the end. Or it could’ve been my contact solution. Yea, it was definitely the solution.

But absolutely stunning plot and visuals for both movies. But the point is that life before seemed to be more carefree. I don’t yet know if it’s just me growing up and moving away from the comforts of being just a kid or if it might be just the times. The internet may connect the globe, but does it connect hearts? I feel as if genuine kindness of the heart is harder to come by these days…but I’m not saying that it’s gone. You just have to search deeper, I guess.

Anyways, its officially New Years Eve now and I just wanted to get that off my mind. I don’t really mind if no one reads what I write. I just feel that it is soothing maybe even stress relieving to lay down what’s really on my mind every once in a while. So if you’ve happened to make it down this far, I thank you and I want to wish you a Happy New Year! New year, new beginnings right?

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas! Now get out of the way.

So just the other day, I managed to venture to the mall with my mom and brother. The goal was just to browse around and enjoy the Christmas spirit as well as ogle over all of the fancy stuff on display. Big mistake. Turns out everybody else had the same idea. Except it was because they had the dreaded last minute shopping to do. I don’t blame them, although it’s something that could have avoided. It was actually rather interesting watching everybody be so self-absorbed in finding what they should buy for their loved ones. However, they were just way too self absorbed.

So much absorbed in their shopping that they couldn’t pay enough attention to where they were walking. I could’ve placed a bear trap in front of them and they wouldn’t have even noticed until it was too late. It was funny until people started to become rude about it. I mean it’s cool that you’re shopping but you don’t have to have your anger and frustration boil over to other people’s business…And just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you have to forget what manners are…for f$*k’s sake!

One lady ran into me and with the most annoying squeaky, nail-on-chalkboard voice I’ve ever heard, snarled…”Exscoose me, Tank yoo” followed by a stare of death with her muttering “Jesus, people these days”. It was so annoying that if there was a chalkboard around I would’ve smashed my head somebody else’s head through it. Not to mention she was the one not paying any attention to what was around her. It was almost dangerously close to becoming a showdown of epic proportions. Luckily, I had my Wheaties that morning and I was definitely itching for a fight. Unfortunately, the only itch that I had the opportunity to scratch was the spider(?) bite that I had on my face from the previous night.

Haha but what am I saying…It’s a special time of year, so I’m just gonna enjoy it and pretend it never happened. Actually, I already forgot so…lady consider yourself lucky since the wounds you’ve inflicted to my ears are slowly being healed by this marathon of America’s Funniest Home videos accompanied by some freshly made cookies. Soon to be followed by a slew of Christmas related movies, starting with A Christmas Story and ending with a possible sighting of Santa Claus before this night is over. So to everyone who happens to read these…Have a wonderful, merry Christmas and don’t let those Scrooges get to your holiday cheer! Because they’re definitely not going to ruin mine.

December 19, 2011

Lame Alert

So recently I saw this commercial on tv. I was just watching some ridiculous late night shows and nearing the point of dozing off into a pleasantly peaceful sleep when, all of a sudden like a mailman in the sights of a doberman, my eyes and ears were assaulted by this sad as hell excuse for a commercial. For some reason, I couldn’t find this particular version on YT…but then again I didn’t look too hard.

Now I know this sort of situation is a really scary thing for the elderly out there, but they really could’ve tried a bit harder to sell the point. I mean the lady near the beginning that had the heart attack couldn’t have been more bitter than my milk after finding it in the back of my refrigerator after a couple months. Past the expiration date. “When you had a heart attack like I did, and there was no one there. Life Alert was there for me.” And for the home protection part…I don’t even know where a good place to start would be. For instance, the guy watching over the house…what was he doing before the call, just sitting there? Chillin’ maybe…possibly eating some cheetos by his looks… I mean if you watch that part, the screen turns on as if it was off the whole time. But whatever, maybe I’m just reading too much into something that only took 20 minutes and the creative ideas of a couple of second graders deprived of their nap-time. Actually, never mind because that would have been a hell of a lot more creative than this commercial haha. But in all, I’m only poking fun at the commercial not at the actual situations.

Here’s a YT video with the heart attack/bitter lady…

December 16, 2011

The Don’t Read This Blog At Work Award

Okay, so I’ve been picked for not one…but two awards. This being my second. It’s a real honor to be recognized as a recipient of an award and then to be picked for another, I am just absolutely enthralled. I know that these awards are a way of opening up the way to the countless other outstanding blogs that are out there…The Versatile Blog Award somehow managed to open the rift to many of the other fantastic writers that I have had the chance to meet. Many of whom I draw inspiration from. Anyways, I feel that this is a very special one. Looking at the rules, only 3 people are to be nominated at a time. And for being inappropriately hilarious while being read in a work/school environment. And with that:

Here are the rules for the Don’t Read This Blog At Work Award:

  1. You may nominate no more than three bloggers, each of whom must have made you laugh out loud with at least one post.
  2. Those who receive the nominations may consider themselves as having received the award, and they must post a gushing acceptance speech thanking the person who nominated them, and perhaps thanking any companion animals they may blog about. And maybe closing with a shout out to their lord and savior or, failing that, their parents.
  3. Those who receive the award may, but need not, pass on the award, but will not themselves be eligible again until they have published at least ten more posts.

And so, for my nominations:

  1. somesummersunday – I have laughed way too hard and more than once on these incredibly sarcastic/hilarious posts.
  2. katie christon – Recently found…should not have been reading in the library while others were still studying…almost didn’t make it out alive.
  3. Embracing Insanity – Another recently found gem, didn’t get far down the first post without laughing.

So my for my acceptance speech, first off I would like to serenade iliketheworldfuzzy with my endearing gratitude. A thousand thanks to a person with a heart of gold. Her story is one of the more inspirational that I have had the luck and pleasure of coming across. Compared to many of the veteran bloggers, I guess you can say, I am relatively a nooooob. I felt like a baby duckling that was thrown into a moat full of crocs, only expecting to be torn apart by my incessant ramblings and complaints of being just another ordinary college kid.

However, strangely, I was welcomed into this relatively new world by many a visitors. Welcomed and lifted up…to continue being honest. It has motivated me to continue to be honest, not only with others…but with myself. I don’t know, but for me…having a blog is very cathartic. Having a very stressful day and coming home to write about it has really helped relieve some of the unnecessary tension that builds up throughout the day.

Anyways, enough of that story haha. My companion animal (that I haven’t quite mentioned yet) is my Dj’ing Panda which is just the animal that is on the back of my iPod case. It has given me the strength to not punch/roundhouse axe kick the countless annoying solicitors on my campus that roam the sidewalks from morn till dusk. I’ll give a shoutout here, to the man upstairs because He has led me to where I am in this world right now. The blessings He has put forth on my life is just absolutely amazing. And to my parents, for always being there for me, thick and thin. So to conclude this speech, I will graciously accept on behalf of iliketheworldfuzzy. Thank you once again! :D

December 16, 2011

I was Superman…for a second.

So last night I had the weirdest dream. I was Clark Kent in a rather empty metropolitan setting. Now being Superman I noticed I had the ability to fly, beam lasers through my eyes (which was awkward since I accidentally rid my work place of my boss), and be as fast as lightning. Now as many would attest, being in a dream is a rather surreal experience…yet when you are in the dream, everything seems to be normal. For instance. Even though I had the ability to fly, my braindead counterpart in dreamland insisted on taking the elevator. My arch-nemesis happened to be the Joker, who favored using a bb-gun against me in our epic battle before I woke up.

Superman!...not Spiderman :(

What I expected to be an action packed dream turned into a really weird romantic LA-Noire mushy story. At at the horror of my very own eyes I couldn’t do anything about it, since I did not have the ability to save myself from this dream by waking myself up. The part that I remember the most was that the Joker took my Lois Lane and kidnapped her to a rather decrepit, rundown theatre. I followed suit, and being the idiot that I was and not utilizing my superpowers, took the elevator down a 400 story building, walked out to the street and proceeded to call a cab. What the hell? My one chance as Superman and I do what any other person would have done. Anyways after arriving at the theatre…which I somehow knew exactly where it was…I walked in only to be gunned down by the Joker and his weak-as-shit bb gun. This was the most disappointing part of the dream.

I had the ability to annihilate this entire world and the thing that killed me was not kryptonite, but a homicidal clown with a bb gun. Lois ended up managing to escape on her own and saved me. I was given the kiss of life (which I have no idea at all where that came from) and was somehow resurrected from the afterlife. I was so embarrassed at this point. I basically did Superman a big dishonor. But whatever, the Joker, it turns out, had never hit me with any of his shots and I was just being a huge scaredy cat and passed out. A greater dishonor. But I did manage to come back and punch the Joker all the way to the moon which effectively ended my dream-turned-horrific-nightmare-of-shame.

Now I don’t really understand what that all meant…at all. But that was definitely one of the more vivid dreams that I’ve had in a while. And sitting here on the side of my bed trying to recall these events which happened more than half a day ago hasn’t been going too well either. Every five minutes my mind has decided to wander to some other place, so coming back to see what I typed has been rather interesting…Anyways I now have to option to stay up just a bit later (like a big kid!) since I don’t have to worry about school anymore so I just thought I’d share this rather delusional dream with you. Maybe you can make more sense of it than I did?


December 13, 2011

The Versatile Blogger

Hmm, so I want to give many thanks to Glamorholic for nominating me for this award. Glamorholic and I have been blogging since the same time and she was the first person that actually read some of the things that I wrote. Actually every single thing, come to think of it. So I want to thank her for that and for having a blog that has the most interesting facts/images you can possibly find. (I wonder how many times I can hyperlink her blog…)Anyways, I had no idea that there were even awards for blogging…For the most part, it’s been just me complaining about how creepy my roommates are and how Artic-frigid my room is. But hey seeing this after coming home from the brutal campaigns that I’ve waged against my finals was a bit of a nice surprise. That and all of a sudden there are people reading my posts…What is this sudden turn of events that I am witnessing???

Oh, I also wanted to extend that gratitude to alphabravoecho for the nomination. He always posts about what’s on his mind. No holds barred. Another writer that is an inspiration for me to keep writing and be true to myself. I’ve noticed that a lot of the things that I write are in either of two categories. They are either my attempt at being funny…or really things that I’ve put some thought into (this usually happens when it’s windy outside) and I’ve always been in conflict whether I should post those words that have come directly from the heart. Before meeting alphabravoecho, I would usually type up something that really had meaning to me but would end up just erasing it for fear of being turned down and ridiculed for being ‘soft’ as some would say. But one thing that I’ve learned from alpha was that just be true to yourself and it doesn’t matter what others think, because you will always find support in the places you least expect. (P.S. I’m not soft, loving to write is not synonymous with being soft you mothers!!)

Once more, I’d like to extend that thanks to Wilhelmina Upton. She was kind enough to nominate me for this award as well. She is definitely one of the kindest people that I have had the chance to meet on wordpress. The first thing that came to my mind when I was reading through her posts was this saying that I remember; that the kindest people are the ones that have suffered the most. Now I might be totally going out on a limb, but the more posts that I read and the more that I got to know about Wilhelmina (which is not her real name by the way :P ) the more in common that we just seemed to have. And it really made me think about who I am, and what it took for me to get here and just the struggles that I overcame, to have this beautiful hope in this life that we have to live. And I can only imagine what it took her to gain that unparalleled kindness and humbleness that she wields. Anyways, that’s my little spiel on you Wilhelmina! I thank you once again for the nomination :)

Another thanks to Tanya over at Green Paw-Paw for the nomination! I had just recently run across her blog when I should have been studying for some finals a couple weeks back. Shame on me. However, the fact that she likes Bone makes her totally awesome haha! She definitely takes delight with everything that is literature and that adoration emanates from her posts as well. Whether she writes about the latest book, book trends, book muggles, anything book related; she is able to deliver that excitement through her words. Which I feel is a hard thing to do. Every post is very open, easy-going, and often humorous. Before you know it, one just leads to another and that time just flies away. But in a good way! Anyways, thank you once again for the nomination Tanya, and I will definitely be around for more :) “And that’s another thing! I’m tired of stew! I want to put him in a crust and bake a light fluffy quiche!” – ;)

Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:                                                                           

  1. Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers
  2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination
  3. Share 7 random things about yourself
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post.

So here are my nominations(In no particular order, all are equally as amazing!):

Alright, hmm, so 7 random things about me that no one knows huh…

  1. I was born in Stuttgart, Germany. My dad was in the Army so we really got to travel a lot. Too bad though that I don’t remember any of it since I was just a baby.
  2. The first animal that I actually ‘hunted’, was a rabbit by my house. It was with a pellet gun and being only 10 at the time, I felt really bad that I killed it. So while crying, I dug a grave for it and put a little cross on top so that it wouldn’t have to pass away in vain.
  3. I love to laugh…so much that I woke myself up from sleep just last night, from laughter. Probably because I was thirsty, and maybe even a bit stressed out because of the impending wave of finals. But why would I laugh though?
  4. On my bed right now is a massive mink blanket of a lion. It’s kind of weird at first but hey, it keeps me warm. Plus you got to do what you can when your house is colder than your refrigerator.
  5. I guess people that know me well say that I don’t say much and can keep to myself, but in reality I love being around them. Even though I may not have everything to say, just being in the company of friends really does wonders for me.
  6. I actually created this blog to not have to face the reality that I had a test to study for. It was one of those bad decisions that actually did more good…overall. I still did well on the test haha. But, I was able to meet many people with so many different things to say, so awesome.
  7. I love listening to music, it is one of those few things that can directly speak to my soul. I don’t really have a favorite genre and if you looked at my playlist and took a random sample it would cover genres from classical to drum and bass. The only other thing that is very influential in my life is my love for God and His love for me. If it wasn’t for the big man up there, I wouldn’t be here.

So there you have it. Thanks once again Diana, for the nomination!

December 13, 2011


True Story

So this then concludes yet another semester of schooling for me. However, walking out of that final classroom (after getting my brain mauled, picked apart, reassembled, then fed to the dogs by the malicious efforts of my seemingly nice professor) I didn’t really expect the feeling of overpowering joy and happiness and not even a hint of the downright ecstasy that most people tend to feel after completing their finals. All week I’ve seen people walk out of classrooms with smiles big enough to wrap around their face, almost as if they had just punched King Kong in the nuts and lived to tell the tale. I really don’t know how to explain this feeling…disappointment? Ah, whatever. I did get some laughs though on the way to the guilloti…I mean classroom.

For example, one kid looked as though he had just drank a barrel of coffee before coming. And that was probably followed by pitchers of energy drinks by the looks of it. He looked so jittery and nervous that I could feel my eyes twitching just looking at him. He was just filled to the brim with energy. Actually if he wanted to, he probably could’ve punched the wall and the entire building would’ve flown away. But I’m glad he didn’t do that. Then there were the last minute/first time studiers. You have to be careful to ignore those people because they may have the information right, but overhearing their conversation…their reasoning was all wrong. They could trip you up too if you didn’t study thoroughly as you should have. The wind does not blow because a higher power had to release unnecessary flatulence. Not at all. But just listening to them try to reason out the concepts was indeed funny.

But after being able to talk with my mom over Skype for a bit, I remembered exactly why I was excited for this week to be over. I’ll be able to leave this house of horrors/refrigerator haha and be back home for a bit to enjoy some really needed break time. It’ll be really nice, actually it’ll be great! I’ll be able to eat real food once again, sleep in a bed that isn’t infested with spiders, and use a bathroom that doesn’t look like it was it was taken straight from the site of a 1492 English castle during the Dark Ages. I guess it just all depends on your perspective of things eh?

This guy obviously doesn't understand the concept. Or maybe just lacks perspective?

December 11, 2011

The Silver Lining

Fortunately, that above was not my fate. Being caught up in all of this studying has really strained my mind…But it has also shown me how beautiful life can be. I was just focusing on myself, being selfish as one can be when your grades depend on it. But I managed to take a step back from all of this busy work for a minute earlier today and just take a look at the world around me. It is filled with so much to appreciate. So much beauty, so many stories. Every person you walk by, has a story. That is something that my parents taught me when I was little. That smile that you see on a persons face can possibly be covering up years of emotional scars. The person always sitting by him/herself in class could be the victim of physical if not emotional anguish. And in these days we are just so focused on ourselves.Coming up with a gameplan of how we’re going to be on top, be the best man/woman and what not.

I was rummaging through my stuff, and happened upon an envelope that I had received when I was in the second grade. Our teacher had thought it would be a great idea to form pen-pals and write to them every month. My pen-pal was from Africa and I remember writing to him every month. Asking him things like “Hey friend! :D How is school over there? Do you celebrate Christmas too?” and getting responses like “Hey! School is fun :DD But what is Christmas?” These exchanges went on and at that point my 7 year old self never really understood the importance of being a friend. At the end of the year, my pen-pal and his whole class sent us a picture of themselves and wanted to wish me a happy summer. It was really moving that someone halfway across the world would take just a few seconds to gather up and smile for a picture that was to be sent to someone they barely knew. That’s when I began to realize how big this world really is.

We seem to take things for granted. I know I do. And it’s hard to remember that there are people in worse situations than we are in. I have to constantly remind myself that I may think I have it hard, but there are others out there fighting so that we can have this life in relative safety. Their sacrifices are just so moving to me, that someone would willingly risk their own life so that many ungrateful people can continue living the comfortable lives that they do. It’s one of the reasons why I’m in AFROTC (other than wanting to be like my dad, who just retired from the Army as a Sergeant First Class). One of the most valuable lessons that I’ve learned is that the Golden Rule (that One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself) really does work. I’ve been blessed to have made many friends, who at first glance would’ve been considered cold hearted. But people change, and they become what you hope for them to be, when you treat them as you want to see them. And it’s so amazing to see that transformation.

Anyways, there is so much that this life has to offer. You just have to find the right things to pursue, the thing that warms your heart. Whatever fuels your passion. Because the minute you start to feel down about yourself, you could have missed a fantastic opportunity to discover another reason that makes living this life a blessing, a miracle really.

Oscar 'Blade Runner' Pistorius with Ellie Challis

So when you feel that things are going tough…just remember that there are others going through or have gone through what you’re experiencing. Look up to their example and Never. Give. Up.

December 10, 2011

Alright, so who released me from the handcuffs?!

So after complaining about not being able to focus for study, turns out that I wasn’t able to study at all. [Facepalm] (More like face PUNCH). After pointlessly cycling through the same 3 or so websites and catching up on the most recent episode of The Office (which was hilarious btw), plus cleaning my room, and jeez, even doing the laundry…the progress on studying = 0. Well, with all of the time that I wasted today I probably could’ve done something useful say…study! Oh well, I was trying to be a bit ahead of the game and study early-er than usual but it turns out that didn’t work out too well. At all.

But no…instead I had to do another post. This is the 3rd one today. Is there a social norm for a limit one can do a day?? I feel that it can get quite annoying to see multiple posts from the same person…But f*&k social norms, we are not sheep and everyone is entitled to their own individuality. [Sigh] Once again…what the heck am I talking about?! Gonna have to come up with themed days or something so that I can at least have some sort of topic to stick to…Hmm actually, I just might have an idea for that. ~Giggle ~giggle -chortle. What I have in mind might seem awesome at the moment, just how I have it pictured. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out as stupid as the idea that crossed my mind that I should have a Pterodactyl that shoots chainsaws out of it’s ass as my emblem. Pardon the language..*studying* all day has really taken a toll. Tomorrow, tomorrow’s a new day :/

December 10, 2011 more!

I just found this picture the other day, and it nearly killed me how accurate it was…

…Or is it?

Ok, now I’m seriously going to have to handcuff myself to my desk or something to stay focused. Just … a … few more days…

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