So in order to massage my brain out of a self induced coma fueled by over 8 hours of straight homework, I thought I’d give my mind a chance to relax by posting about how my homework is slowly crippling my ability to function in a social environment. I don’t even know if that made sense, and quite frankly, I don’t care.

As of this moment, I’m sitting here in my room (which is totally dark by the way, save for one lamp [and it’s 3 in the afternoon]) surrounded by a water bottle which has nourished me for the last day and a half as well as some gum. I can barely feel my left leg, since I’ve been sitting on it for the past hour and a half now and the texture of my chair is imprinted…no, engrained on it like some unwanted tattoo.

So where am I going with this? No clue. Just thought I’d let my mind vomit out all this unnecessary information before going back to work and this is my way of holding back it’s hair. Wow, wtf. But really this next week is definitely going to suck, I don’t think I have ever had a test, paper(s), and a speech back to back before. And the funny thing is, I’m not even procrastinating this time! I’m trying to get ahead! But oh well.


However, there are definitely things that I’m looking forward to. Can’t wait for Paranormal Activity 4 in a few weeks! Halloween too! Also, I just bought Portal 2 for 20 bucks, good thing it’s not going to finish downloading until about 10 hours from now…Otherwise I would have just doomed all of my attempts at being productive. It would have been literally the exact situation as in the Lord of the Rings when Isildur had to once in a lifetime opportunity to destroy Sauron’s ring…yet he decided that some bling was in order to decorate his pimp hand and to show those Orcs who’s boss. Literally.

Pimp hand, 97% complete.

On the other hand, I recently watched the new version of The Thing and totally had no idea that the new version is actually a prequel to the original. The ending scene is the introduction to the original 1980 something movie. It blew my mind. Not so much as the guy whose mind was literally blown apart by the alien-beetle-copycat thing. But still, close enough. It wasn’t bad I guess. The monster has the ability to mimic any other person and considering this takes place in Antarctica or somewhere similar, you could see that some trust issues are going to come up. Paranoia at it’s finest.

Trust me guys! I’m still human, it was just a scratch. Let me just give you a hug. I’m cold, you’re cold…we can make it work ;D

Anyways, I should probably get back to my homework now…especially if I want to sleep anytime tonight. Oh yea, I always seem to find the best music when I’m trying to do something else. Anyways, I thought I’d leave you all with this. This song makes me so happy! Wish me luck as I try to get through this week specially made from the depths of Hades with the sole purpose of ruining my sole purpose of having fun!


16 Comments to “So…much…homework…”

  1. Looove the background song to doing your homework! lol :)) It’s like a background music in a movie of someone trying to save the world. :))

  2. I’m feeling for you! Wishing you good luck and strong nerves for your next week!

  3. Do not use us as an excuse for not doing your homework. We have enough guilt.

  4. Crazy busy at the moment too, so I feel your pain! And now to guilt-trip you a bit, you just gave me a serious temptation to procrastinate with this mention of “The Thing” :-)) No, no, I am going to be strong and leave that one for a week when I am not completely swamped with huge loads of translations (at least it pays good money!).
    Good luck with all your tasks.

    • The guilt…it’s too much! Haha, but if you have about an hour and a half to burn definitely watch The Thing. It’s not as great as I had hoped it would be, but still makes you wonder just who you can trust. I mean you never know who you meet is just a blood-thirsty shape shifting monster right?! Haha, well good luck with those translations. At least you’re getting paid right? I only wish I could say the same for me haha. Just one more day, and I can finally enjoy this much needed weekend :)

  5. homework is a life-draining disease….seriously, I cannot believe such a monster is still allowed to exist. Says the college student who is commenting on blogs instead of preparing her speech for tomorrow…

    • Oh no way! You have a speech tomorrow too?! I have one as well…it’s the only thing keeping me from this much needed weekend. Oh well, hi-five to you! And good luck on that speech :) As for homework, it can jump off a cliff.

      • My speech got postponed….they ran out of time for me. Not sure if I’m happy for the extra time to prepare, or frustrated that I will have a speech looming over my head all weekend! How did yours go?

      • Haha, no way. That is exactly what happened to me as well. I was supposed to have my speech on Wednesday but due to time constraints mine got moved to friday. I was definitely a bit disappointed…I was all ready to get it over with and everything! But I guess it was kind of nice having a couple extra days to polish it up a bit. I think I definitely knocked it out of the park though :D

        I wish you the best on your speech as well. Eye contact!! That’s the key!

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