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December 4, 2011


Alright, so I just got back playing broomball for the first time in my life. And boy, was it an experience. I feel like my body is just shattered.

Now broomball is a very simple game. All you have to do is get a ball into a goal using a stick. It’s 10 on 10 and all of this is played on ice. What separates this from hockey is that you just wear your regular shoes and also that it’s way cheaper.

Now it would have been pretty fun, except the guys that we played took it way too seriously. I walked onto that field expecting a rather friendly match between two rival organizations, but what I got what nothing short of bloodshed. I was instantly transported to an icy battlefield where mercy was granted only to the dead.

First off, I couldn’t even get anywhere since the shoes that I was wearing had no traction whatsoever. So after nearly breaking my hip on the ice (and this happened multiple times), I got up to find myself with the ball (wow) with only a matter of time before I got swarmed/murdered by the other team. And this brutality continued on for the next hour.

I started to get the hang of moving around on the ice without falling too much, but then the ice started to melt. So basically I got to slide around on the ice while doing really cool flips and smashing my tailbone/knees/butt into the ice. We ended up losing 4 -1 and usually I’m a pretty good sport…but after being thrashed around for an hour by a rival organization (in AFROTC) who took it wayyyy too seriously, I ended up being so disappointed in myself. That I could lose to these eskimo, penguin-chum smelling wannabes that have nothing to do but brag about winning at such a pitiful, yet really fun sport.

Ok to be fair, they had numbers on us. They had just finished up their training just a few weeks ago so they had all of their new recruitees which bumped their number up to around 18. While us on the other hand had 13 super skilled yet tired people fielded. Ahhrgh, but whatever, there’s always next year right?

In the mean time, gonna need to get some ice *pffftt haha* for my bruises before I make my way into the corner and silently cry over my embarrassing performance today; I practically broke every single rule today…But how was I supposed to know?? They told me at the beginning “No rules, just make sure nobody dies” And nobody did. Except I was pretty close to, I’m sure. But no, these guys are all pretty much family to me. And it was a really good experience. And for a little family photo:

October 26, 2011


So, the weatherman was correct for once and the supposed 6-10″ did indeed happen. Now it wasn’t one of those blissful snowdays where the snow just peacefully floats through the air until it gently kisses the pavement. No, no no. No. This was the type of snow that just gathered on the trees and weighed it down so much, that throughout the course of the day just began to destroy trees by the sheer volume. It began to snow last night, and continues to snow even to this minute.

After waking up this morning, I went out to my car to scrape all of the snow and ice off of my windshield. I was greeted by a sudden ‘crack’ and turned around just in time to see half of this huge tree across the street just fall to the ground. It reminded me of a bomb because as the branches hit the ground, the snow plume around it was in the shape of a mushroom cloud.

As I was walking around campus, the scene around me was evident of some horrific battle as all of the trees (or a majority of them anyways) were just destroyed beyond belief. There were so many branches that littered the streets and sidewalks. These weren’t just the wimpy branches either, these were the kind of branches that you could hear breaking off from all the way across campus. Some areas of campus were even taped off to the public which just happened to make it look like a crime scene. Haha, so I definitely got what I wanted. (Snow that is.) But the crazy thing was…the university decided to stay open. Why???? It’s supposed to stay cold for the rest of the week. It’s not even Halloween yet and it already feels like Christmas…

And yes, those are photos from around campus. The actual school that I go to.

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