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January 21, 2013

Distance is Irrelevant

I don’t know what exactly it is about distance, but I feel that the more further I am away from something, the less of an impact that I have on the situation in question.

Case in point. A stupid one at that. My classes are about the start once more, beginning tomorrow. Now I’ve been trying over break to register for classes and set up my schedule, so that I wouldn’t have to be doing this kind of thing right before school starts. I’ve definitely sent out e-mails to various professors and what not, and totally understand that they are on a much needed vacation as well. However, I didn’t hear one thing back until today and I’ve felt pretty helpless since I live a good deal from campus. And the one professor I did hear back from was actually pretty rude. Definitely not going to be taking her class.

However, I’m back up in my apartment again. In my quiet room, and it’s a bit surreal. [Always hate these transition stages from home to school] But now that I’m back up here I feel more adept with my surroundings. Like everything I say has some weight to it. I’ve sent out a new group of emails and have started getting responses back, and things are starting to look up again.

I’ve definitely had some quiet time away from friends, family, everyone the past couple days and I realize that I’ve started to get a bit complacent again. I realize that the things that are keeping me worried are really nothing in the big picture. It’s easy to fall into this train of thought, especially when you never have to worry about having food, everyday necessities, a roof over your head.

I realize now that the distance to your goal does not matter. As long as that passion for the pursuit of that goal is burning in your heart, it simply does not matter. Things have a way of working themselves out in the end, and that is something that I have learned over and over. Especially with the help of the technology we have today. Although it feels as if the things that were meant to bring us together are divulging us in our own little world, devoid of anybody else.


It’s so quiet in my room right now, and I have nothing critical to do until the start of my classes tomorrow. It’s definitely given me some time to ponder, clear my mind, and remember everything I’ve gone through to reach where I’m at, right now. All of the sacrifices, hardships, taking the path less traveled. So my point with this whole thing is that never take anything for granted, because it’s gotten you as far as you are now and will take you to that place that you have always wanted to go.

January 17, 2012

The House of Usher

This last sunday, I was able to get a pretty rad (yes rad) deal on this one book I found at Barnes and Noble’s. The book happens to be the collective works of Edgar Allan Poe and includes all of his short stories and poems that he penned during his lifetime. And all of this for 8 dollars. What the fudge?! They were practically giving it away. And it’s like a thousand pages! I was so excited! I’ve always loved the works of Poe ever since I first read The Tell-Tale Heart in middle school. The stories were so twisted, so dark. I loved it!

And now, I have everything that he wrote and I can’t wait to get started, mind you. And there’s only one thing standing in my way. School. Sadly, it has begun again…and it’s definitely going to be one heck of a semester. Well at least I’ll be able to read about Amontillado, the Pendulum, and Lenore to help ease the transition back into my own house of Usher. Haha, when I read through it again I was a bit surprised at how accurate of a description of my house that the story had. Everything was practically down to the dot, except we don’t speak in old english. Just take a look at the picture I took of my house earlier today!

Just kidding, but close enough.

Oh well, at least I’ll have something to do in the meantime. On another note, I’ve reached a little milestone of just over 1000 page views today. I was really surprised in that in my own little goal of starting a blog, I would never have imagined it getting over 50 views considering the quality of my (mostly) pointless stuff. So thank you to everyone still with me!

I was definitely bummed to leave home again, to have to leave all of my wonderful family behind. However I find comfort in writing (especially when I’m away from home) because it lets me reflect on how I feel and lets me put down all of the great things I have to look forward to. So I really don’t mind if you don’t read these because it’s mostly a way for me to cope with whats around me. But it’s all for the better and one day I’ll look back on this and realize that it was all worth it. Now that I’m back though, and in the company of my estranged/eery roommates, I’ll definitely have more to write about. For sure, but first I got to stay focused because I am way too easily distracted. Especially with all of the other way amazing blogs out there.

January 10, 2012

And school will inevitably start again…soon.

So I haven’t been blogging lately, because there has been nothing to complain about! Haha, just kidding. But mostly because I’ve been away at work on this:

I just wanted to get that out of my system before school started up again. Man, I’ve wanted to do that for a while! Anyways, hope you enjoy :D

October 25, 2011

Parking Garage

So I was driving to school today, racing the clock to get to class on time. To me it seems that when you are trying to get somewhere, the clock runs twice as fast. It’s like the clock is taunting me. “Oh, you’re trying to get somewhere and be on time to something? Let me just find things that will burn your time so that you won’t make it. Actually, I’ll just guarantee that you won’t make it.”

Anyways, I usually park in the parking garage that’s located right next to campus. Of course there were no spots left for me, so I had to head all the way to the top of the garage. Now, as I parked into one open spot that was conveniently located the furthest possible way from the elevator, I turned to get out of my car. I was a bit surprised to see someone sitting in the car next to me. They were just sitting there and looking. At what? I don’t know. Whatever…so I just dismissed it and and started heading to the elevator. On the way there, I saw at least another half dozen people just sitting in the dark in their cars. It was definitely a bit odd and then I remembered the part in Paranormal Activity 3 with all of the old ladies in the garage [SPOILER]. My heart started racing and I thought “I’m never going to make it out of this garage alive. I’m on the top floor and no one will hear me scream. I never even got to confess my love to the person that I had liked for a long time let alone eat the new blueberry cereal that I had just bought for breakfast. I’m never going to experience disco or throw pies at the wenches at the Renaissance Fair.”

I realized that maybe I was taking things a bit far. So I recollected myself and continued walking towards the elevator. Faster. But of course, following the trend of the day, waiting for the elevator was the longest wait of my day. I could’ve bought ingredients to make a pizza, then order one for delivery. And while that one from delivery was on the way, make my own pizza with the ingredients I just bought, then invite everyone I knew over for a pizza party.

The descent down to the first floor was probably the best feeling of my life, knowing that every second took me further away from those people in their cars. I mean, I’m not saying that it’s not normal to wait for your class or whatever they were doing, in their cars. But it was in the dark. Pitch black. And not like ‘do naughty things in the dark’ kind of hanging out, but they were just sitting there. Staring. Into my soul. But when those elevator doors opened, and the daylight poured in around me, I gave a little sigh of relief and continued with my day.

I almost regret putting that picture in this post, because now I have to stare at it every time I come to this cursed website. And it’s not going to just magically disappear until I put up another post.

But yea, today started off really sunny and warm, and now it’s really overcast. It’s supposed to snow 6-10″ tonight which I am not at all excited for, since I’ll have to get up and shovel the sidewalks on campus… But I’m really loving this weather! Which is why I wanted to put a post up. About people. In their cars. In the dark…

The End.

October 23, 2011

Roomies can be weird at times…

So if you didn’t know, I am currently rooming with a couple friends that I knew from last year. I moved in and settled down just before school started and was super excited that I would be able to get away from the craziness that I encountered in the dorms. Little did I know, there would be other evils to encounter…

Now the first day that I moved in, I was greeted with a tennis ball to the face…Nice, not really a good first impression of the people that I was to be living with for the next year. One of my roommates (I’ll just call him S for now) thought that throwing balls to someone’s face is a great way to welcome them to the house. Well, my response to that was to greet his face with my fist, but I decided to restrain myself being the first day and all. But other than that the days melded into weeks which then dissolved into months.

Most days were pretty much the same, I would just try to stay out of everyone’s way and mind my own business and do my own homework and what not. Some days I would hang out with the roomies just to remind them that I was still a part of this house. But there is one roommate in particular which makes me uneasy beyond belief. I’ll call him R. Now R is the type of person that basically dislikes everything. Not outright, like to your face dislike. But in hidden contempt and scorn. His words are filled with poison. Hahaha. For example. One day, while giving R a ride, I was listening to some tunes that I really happened to like. R didn’t know that I really liked the songs and started criticizing the heck out of everything…I didn’t really want to unleash my fiery on him, so I practiced some restraint and just let it go. To each his own. No big deal right?

Well, this was the basis on which our ‘friendship’ would form. Everything that I like, would just be criticized. Basically how musicians today are just rejected, or in denial or something like that. He can’t stand anything on the radio. Ok, there are those musicians that have problems, but just because a song has a beat doesn’t mean it’s bad…(R only listens to classical by the way). So yea, anyways our conversations are always so awkward. Mostly because if he needs something, he doesn’t go straight to the point but makes some sort of effort to avoid the point as long as possible. Example.

R: Hey, we usually never leave the house at the same time. (Putting shoes on to leave house) :D

Me: Uh. Yea. I guess not. (Also putting on shoes to leave house) -_-

R: Cool, are you going to campus? :D:D

Me: Yea, got class in like 15 minutes…(Now at this point I knew where he was going, he wanted me to give him a ride. But my philosophy is, if you want it you should ask for it. Nothing is ever going to be given to you. Now as much as I wanted to just leave, I decided to listen to whatever conscience I had left and offer him a ride.)

Me: Do you need a ride? :/

R: Yes! I’m glad that you asked! ;DDDDDD (I bet that you are, you freeloader)

So that was just one example. One of these conversations always happens at least once a week. And I absolutely dread it. It’s not that I’m antisocial haha. I love hanging around people! But with R not only are the conversations awkward as making eye contact with a dog that is taking a dump, but they usually go on for an hour+. Maybe I’m just too nice? I mean I don’t want to cut him off when he’s telling me his life story, but after hearing it enough to make an accurate biography of him just from what I remember, there is a line that needs to be drawn. Right? Anyways, this is just one example of the weirdness that goes on in this house, which is mostly why if I don’t have to be here…I’m not. But I’ll have to eventually return to, you know, sleep and stuff…

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