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April 21, 2013

One Favor

Hey all! So I’m doing a petition here for a class at school for a final project. I usually don’t like to ask for things on here, since I see my blog more of as a journal, but I would appreciate all the help I can get. Basically for this project, the first person that reaches 30 signatures¬†will be supported by my professor to gain the recognition that it needs to help initiate a change.

This is a sociology class, and my professor is really into making petitions and raising awareness to various issues that are present around the nation. Because of this, he’s got some really good connections with awareness groups and non-profit organizations and is willing to dedicate his time to one of these issues. Since there are so many issues, however, some of these problems just fade into the background. Anyways this is my chance to bring to light some of the other things that often get overlooked in our society. So anyways here’s a piece of what I’m trying to raise awareness for:

“It’s more important than ever to protect federal nutrition programs that feed our nation’s children, but right now the sequester – which automatically cuts funding for a large number of federally funded programs – includes devastating cuts to the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), cutting 600,000 mothers and kids from the program altogether.

Sequestration also cuts billions from education funding, including Head Start programming that provides preschool aged kids with important health and nutrition services. More than 70,000 kids would lose access to Head Start under the plan.”


Now I’m sure you can understand why this would be an issue to a number of people, especially for those that can not provide food to their children. It is definitely not talked about as much with much of the focus on gun control and other issues, but with your help every signature will make a difference in the long run. So to help this issue take off, all it takes is a minute of your time to sign a petition. That’s all you have to do. And if I do make it to 30 first, then it will just take off from there.

So that’s the link to the petition. Your signature can help to change some one’s life. So please, don’t hesitate to sign it and share it with others to raise awareness for this issue. Thank you!

April 2, 2013

First Rain


These are absolutely the days that I thrive in. It’s finally the season where the snow has turned to rain and I couldn’t be any happier. There’s just something about a rainy day, the overcast skies, and the constant patter of the rain on the window that makes me feel in a place that is so distant from here. I close my eyes and I am instantly transported to a place that might as well be heaven, or something close to it anyways. These kinds of days are the ones that allow my mind to wander and think about things that I wouldn’t normally think of. And speaking of rain, here’s another poem that I found from high school about rain.

No. 5

The rain began to fall

He lay there, unmoving

Unable, bleeding, dying

The cool summer mist

Blanketed those, fallen and broken

As the rain fell

He thought of why he was there

The interests of others

With their pristine gloves

And their self-absorbed wants

The rain grew heavy

He could feel the anger building

It was not his fight

Although the rain was cool

The blood was warm

The tears grew heavy

He would go home soon

Vision blurring


Into blackness

He thought of her

One last time

As the rain washed away the pain

And remembered

Why he was here


And there you have it! Hopefully you enjoyed. These kinds of things are definitely harder to post, since they are of my own feelings (in a raw form), but I feel that it may be of better use here than in my notebook. You all have a great rest of your day :)

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