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December 13, 2011


True Story

So this then concludes yet another semester of schooling for me. However, walking out of that final classroom (after getting my brain mauled, picked apart, reassembled, then fed to the dogs by the malicious efforts of my seemingly nice professor) I didn’t really expect the feeling of overpowering joy and happiness and not even a hint of the downright ecstasy that most people tend to feel after completing their finals. All week I’ve seen people walk out of classrooms with smiles big enough to wrap around their face, almost as if they had just punched King Kong in the nuts and lived to tell the tale. I really don’t know how to explain this feeling…disappointment? Ah, whatever. I did get some laughs though on the way to the guilloti…I mean classroom.

For example, one kid looked as though he had just drank a barrel of coffee before coming. And that was probably followed by pitchers of energy drinks by the looks of it. He looked so jittery and nervous that I could feel my eyes twitching just looking at him. He was just filled to the brim with energy. Actually if he wanted to, he probably could’ve punched the wall and the entire building would’ve flown away. But I’m glad he didn’t do that. Then there were the last minute/first time studiers. You have to be careful to ignore those people because they may have the information right, but overhearing their conversation…their reasoning was all wrong. They could trip you up too if you didn’t study thoroughly as you should have. The wind does not blow because a higher power had to release unnecessary flatulence. Not at all. But just listening to them try to reason out the concepts was indeed funny.

But after being able to talk with my mom over Skype for a bit, I remembered exactly why I was excited for this week to be over. I’ll be able to leave this house of horrors/refrigerator haha and be back home for a bit to enjoy some really needed break time. It’ll be really nice, actually it’ll be great! I’ll be able to eat real food once again, sleep in a bed that isn’t infested with spiders, and use a bathroom that doesn’t look like it was it was taken straight from the site of a 1492 English castle during the Dark Ages. I guess it just all depends on your perspective of things eh?

This guy obviously doesn't understand the concept. Or maybe just lacks perspective?

December 10, 2011

Dead Quiet

So this seems to happen to me every single year. The prospects of such a great break and all of the things that I can get accomplished is just swirling through my mind at the moment. There is just so many things that I want to be able to do this break and that is the only thing on my mind at the moment. Finally getting a chance to sleep, maybe even eat some food (thank god, since I was starting to run out of crumbs on my carpet anyway <—jk that’s gross). The possibilities are endless.

However, there is just one more obstacle in the way. It is commonly known to many as a stocky, myopic man who utilizes four powerful, mechanical appendages, and is obsessed with proving his own genius and destroying Spider-man. AKA, my finals. I’m sure many can attest…but motivation at this point is like the box of thin mints that you bought for yourself and you told your room mates that they could help themselves to it, only to find that 2 hours later nothing is left. Not even the box…or your wallet for that matter.

It doesn’t even feel like Christmas is around the corner. I could’ve swore that when I was a kid that all of the grown-ups really looked forward to the holidays. Houses on our block would be covered in the usual festive lights. There would actually be Christmas carolers and hot chocolate and the slowly growing pile of presents under our tree. I don’t know, but it seems really different these days. Christmas seems more of a marketing ploy than the remembrance of what happened on this day in history…I feel that people have really forgotten the meaning of Christmas and of the holidays in general. It seems that Thanksgiving is just a ploy to fill your stomachs to the maximum capacity, followed by Black Friday (where it’s starting to become the norm that people are being trampled to death in the quest to save a few bucks…) which then leads to Christmas.

Courtesy of TheOatmeal

Oh wait…whoa whoa. I’m glad you caught me deviating from studying. Better get back to it then, eh? Plus I dont even know where I was going with this one. Sigh…

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