Roomies can be weird at times…

So if you didn’t know, I am currently rooming with a couple friends that I knew from last year. I moved in and settled down just before school started and was super excited that I would be able to get away from the craziness that I encountered in the dorms. Little did I know, there would be other evils to encounter…

Now the first day that I moved in, I was greeted with a tennis ball to the face…Nice, not really a good first impression of the people that I was to be living with for the next year. One of my roommates (I’ll just call him S for now) thought that throwing balls to someone’s face is a great way to welcome them to the house. Well, my response to that was to greet his face with my fist, but I decided to restrain myself being the first day and all. But other than that the days melded into weeks which then dissolved into months.

Most days were pretty much the same, I would just try to stay out of everyone’s way and mind my own business and do my own homework and what not. Some days I would hang out with the roomies just to remind them that I was still a part of this house. But there is one roommate in particular which makes me uneasy beyond belief. I’ll call him R. Now R is the type of person that basically dislikes everything. Not outright, like to your face dislike. But in hidden contempt and scorn. His words are filled with poison. Hahaha. For example. One day, while giving R a ride, I was listening to some tunes that I really happened to like. R didn’t know that I really liked the songs and started criticizing the heck out of everything…I didn’t really want to unleash my fiery on him, so I practiced some restraint and just let it go. To each his own. No big deal right?

Well, this was the basis on which our ‘friendship’ would form. Everything that I like, would just be criticized. Basically how musicians today are just rejected, or in denial or something like that. He can’t stand anything on the radio. Ok, there are those musicians that have problems, but just because a song has a beat doesn’t mean it’s bad…(R only listens to classical by the way). So yea, anyways our conversations are always so awkward. Mostly because if he needs something, he doesn’t go straight to the point but makes some sort of effort to avoid the point as long as possible. Example.

R: Hey, we usually never leave the house at the same time. (Putting shoes on to leave house) :D

Me: Uh. Yea. I guess not. (Also putting on shoes to leave house) -_-

R: Cool, are you going to campus? :D:D

Me: Yea, got class in like 15 minutes…(Now at this point I knew where he was going, he wanted me to give him a ride. But my philosophy is, if you want it you should ask for it. Nothing is ever going to be given to you. Now as much as I wanted to just leave, I decided to listen to whatever conscience I had left and offer him a ride.)

Me: Do you need a ride? :/

R: Yes! I’m glad that you asked! ;DDDDDD (I bet that you are, you freeloader)

So that was just one example. One of these conversations always happens at least once a week. And I absolutely dread it. It’s not that I’m antisocial haha. I love hanging around people! But with R not only are the conversations awkward as making eye contact with a dog that is taking a dump, but they usually go on for an hour+. Maybe I’m just too nice? I mean I don’t want to cut him off when he’s telling me his life story, but after hearing it enough to make an accurate biography of him just from what I remember, there is a line that needs to be drawn. Right? Anyways, this is just one example of the weirdness that goes on in this house, which is mostly why if I don’t have to be here…I’m not. But I’ll have to eventually return to, you know, sleep and stuff…

6 Responses to “Roomies can be weird at times…”

  1. Is it possible that he is insecure, or less confident than you are? People who are not comfortable/confident are a bit attention-seekers, aren’t they?


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