Why I created this, I don’t even have a clue. At the moment, I have a mountain of homework to my right, a pile empty granola bar wrappers to my left and enough motivation to breathe. Out of all the pointless time consuming activities I could’ve chosen, I decided to make a blog…big mistake. After hours of trying to come up with a username, I was finally able to get one that wasn’t taken. God, finding a username that you actually want to use is like trying to find cultural awareness in your Computer Science professor. It just ain’t gonna happen. Customizing the blog took even longer. And even after messing with a bunch of settings and coming up with a nice little picture for the heading, I feel a second grader could’ve done better. All they would’ve had to do is smash the keys on the keyboard and maybe even drool a bit and it would’ve automatically been better. Anyways, I made this mostly for myself because sometimes things happen where you just stand there and wonder… And I wanted to record those things so that years from now, I could look back and see how much things have changed including myself. So if you’re down for the impending chronicles of an average person. Sit back, relax, and be prepared to waste precious homework time…Like I already have.

3 Responses to “Milestone?”

  1. I had to return the favour…would you call it a favour? I don’t know sometimes with all this english as a second language crap it gets complicated. Have a great day.


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