First Rain


These are absolutely the days that I thrive in. It’s finally the season where the snow has turned to rain and I couldn’t be any happier. There’s just something about a rainy day, the overcast skies, and the constant patter of the rain on the window that makes me feel in a place that is so distant from here. I close my eyes and I am instantly transported to a place that might as well be heaven, or something close to it anyways. These kinds of days are the ones that allow my mind to wander and think about things that I wouldn’t normally think of. And speaking of rain, here’s another poem that I found from high school about rain.

No. 5

The rain began to fall

He lay there, unmoving

Unable, bleeding, dying

The cool summer mist

Blanketed those, fallen and broken

As the rain fell

He thought of why he was there

The interests of others

With their pristine gloves

And their self-absorbed wants

The rain grew heavy

He could feel the anger building

It was not his fight

Although the rain was cool

The blood was warm

The tears grew heavy

He would go home soon

Vision blurring


Into blackness

He thought of her

One last time

As the rain washed away the pain

And remembered

Why he was here


And there you have it! Hopefully you enjoyed. These kinds of things are definitely harder to post, since they are of my own feelings (in a raw form), but I feel that it may be of better use here than in my notebook. You all have a great rest of your day :)

9 Comments to “First Rain”

  1. awesome-sausage with extra sauce…

  2. It looks like it’s finally turning into spring over here after the worlds longest winter. (I know I’m exaggerating but it was really long) Honestly I prefer rainy days when I know I don’t have to leave the house and can stay in bed for a long time. But to each its own, right? You should come live here, it rains a LOT :)

    • I know right?! It’s still supposed to snow here again on Monday…Can’t it just be spring already! Before it just goes into the 30 C degree weather?? And I don’t know what it is about the rain, its just too awesome. The best kind is the one where it’s drawn out over hours. Not the heavy thunderstorms but the light showers with the low grumbles and what not. But wow haha, now I’m just getting too far into it…

      • Oh I’d love a longer spring before it turns into summer but I don’t think that’ll happen this year.

        I prefer the heavy rain, thunderstorms with lightning, the whole ordeal. It’s just so powerful and amazing.

  3. This is great. I really liked the conflict between the surrounding environment and inner emotions… very relateable. You should dabble in poetry more!

  4. Thunderstorms are the best…I also seem to thrive in that time just before a storm when the wind picks up and you can feel the rain in the air….invigorating! The poem is great. Conveys so much feeling in relatively short time. Thanks for sharing!

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