Lately I’ve been having these really vivid dreams. Actually, I wouldn’t even call them dreams but more so nightmares. I usually don’t have dreams, nevertheless the really clear ones, unless I’m super tired. And after that Scuba class on Thursday (our first open water class) I was wiped out.

Anyways, my first dream consisted of one of my best friends giving me a haircut. Since they were my friend I didn’t give a second thought about it, since I trusted them so much. However as the haircutting began so did my horror. My friend cut one swath through my hair and somehow in the process cut through half of my eyebrow. Now I know that when you’re describing a dream it sounds idiotic and the more you think about it, the more unbelievable it sounds. I felt so embarrassed, because there was no way that I would be going to school like this. I would rather take a calc final while being fed broccoli dipped in sour cream by angry midgets than to allow that crushing blow to my image. Anyways I woke up not too long after to my utter relief.

Night 2, consisted of an even more horrifying experience. The whole dream consisted of me sprinting for my life and playing the occasional hide and seek with a mob of zombies. This mostly consisted of me climbing and jumping over countless walls. There only seemed to be 50% gravity and I had an additional 50% increase to speed. I noticed that when I was passing cars as I ran. Hey, it may sound ridiculous now, but it all made sense while I was entrapped in that horrible nightmare. There was one part where I was sure that I would die. I was trapped in some random alleyway in the middle of the forest and the zombies were right behind me. There just happened to be a palm tree just in the corner so instinctively I hid behind it. Now a palm tree has enough mass to hide maybe a lamppost. But being completely mindless, the zombies just walked right past me through the wall at the end of the alley…Being as completely brainless as they were I probably could’ve stood in front of them and they would not have noticed. But I’m not trying that, not in a million years. The end of that dream consisted of me waking up to a glorious sunrise in a feather down bed. I woke up and walked out of my little shack to a magnificent green pasture that was nestled in the valley of two majestic mountains. That’s when I heard them, their shrieks…and it suddenly was dark again.

I really woke up at that moment, and I have never been so glad to wake up from a deep sleep. I was in a cold sweat, breathing hard, and pretty much crying like a baby…you would’ve thought that I had just been assigned physics homework from those conditions. Never have I been so glad to wake up to my neon Bruce Lee poster on the other side of my room. Not that I’m not glad on normal days, but even more so today. Because with Bruce the zombies have no chance.

So the moral of the story is: “A fight is not won by one punch or kick. Either learn to endure or hire a bodyguard” – B. Lee

8 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. So I need a bodyguard ;)). The first dream was so funny (funnier when I saw the picture of that poor kid). The second dream..hmm..I have similar dreams with that one, but I’m not chased by zombies, but by dinosaurs or monsters :))). However, most of my dreams are soooo stupid. They don’t even have sense when I wake up. I read somewhere that we have nightmares when the temperature in our room is low. Maybe that’s the cause of you nightmares. :))

    • Hmm, I need one too obviously haha ;D Once I had a dream that I was being chased be velociraptors…this was just after watching Jurassic Park. But yea, my dreams are sooo ridiculous. Most of the time I just forget right when I wake up. My room is really cold at night, that could definitely be a reason to all of these dreams…

      • I thought that I was the only one dreaming about dinosaurs :)). I read that in your zombie dream you succeeded to hide and survive. I dream the exact same thing. I hide somewhere trying not to make any noise and they walk right past me. I think there needs to be an explanation about why we have such similar dreams. I think we all do have this dreams..but why?! I read a Freud book (“The interpretation of dreams”). He said that everything we dream is connected with what we did in the past, what we want and what we fear about. :D

      • Oh really?! That’s pretty crazy that they are so similar. Well, at least we survived…I wonder what that means. Well, if I find out, I will let you know :D

  2. I never die in my dreams. I wonder how would it be :D. Or maybe we are survivors and nothing can hurt us…not even imaginary zombies or dinosaurs :D


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