My Attempt at Poetry

The pale moon floats in the sky

I wake up in the dead of night

These are the nights that I despise

Where there is no hope, no light

It is always Dark

Countless thoughts

Afraid I’m the only one

In this struggle

That can not be won

It is always Dark

Desperate, looking for hope

Unlike the man on the docks

I search for Solace

In the glowing box

It is always Dark

What is so important

About the ills of One

I am nothing but a lie

Hiding a heart nearly gone

It is always Dark

But in the fires of a forge

Impurities are banished

And if not for my self

Then maybe for others

May I be a light

[So I’ve been trying to clean up my room (which should have happened a long time ago) and I happened to find this in one of my notebooks that I had saved from high school a couple years back. I’m pretty sure this was my Language Arts notebook…It definitely wasn’t the Math one (It’s too beat up to tell what’s written on the cover :/). Anyways, it seems to be something that I wrote while our class was on the topic of poetry. So there you have it, one of my first attempts at poetry…Please, don’t laugh too hard.]

17 Comments to “My Attempt at Poetry”

  1. I’m not even laughing let alone hard. I think you have something here, and you were still in HS when you penned this? I wish that you could see the beauty in the truth of your words. I have severe insomnia, and this poem spoke to me on that subject. I found it honest and hearbreaking at the same time. Both things a good poem should inspire. Don’t give up writing ever~ BB

    • Yea, High School was definitely one of those weird stages for me. I guess it was just growing up, getting a taste of what being an adult is like. (Not saying that I am! I still have a long way to go and I know that haha) But it was definitely a time where I learned that writing things down helped much more than just keeping it in.

      And I’m really sorry about the insomnia, I know how that feels, although maybe not to the extreme that you may experience. I just want to let you know that I still pray about your chronic pain. I hope you’re doing well BB!! It’s always great to hear from you :D Haha, and I’ll try not to stop!

  2. I actually quite like it. You should write more!

  3. I third the success of the poem! And I have a degree in English, so I maybe kinda know what it’s sorta supposed to be like! Haha! But seriously, that’s way better than what I was writing back in high school. I don’t even want to look at mine for fear of having to go live under a rock for the rest of my days.

    • Oh haha, yea it was definitely one of those posts where I was staring at the publish button…thinking if it was worth it to press it. The second I pressed it, I was like “noooo, what have I done?!” But thanks! Now that I have approval from someone who has obtained a degree in English it must be ok then ;D Haha, but looking through that notebook that I found only makes me wonder what was I thinking at the time, ya know?!

  4. Beautiful…
    Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

  5. Very good! In the dark with a light shining through. Keep going!

  6. wonderful… nailed it!

  7. Decent work :) Sorry I’ve been out for so long. It was an…interesting summer. Hopefully I’m back for a little while before I fall off the grid again. Good to see you’e still alive my friend!

    • Thanks man! I haven’t heard from you in forever…thought you might have disbanded your blog :(

      Oh I believe it! You and your awesome tales. Good to…good to see I’m alive?! Good to see that you’re alive my good friend!

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