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January 17, 2012

The House of Usher

This last sunday, I was able to get a pretty rad (yes rad) deal on this one book I found at Barnes and Noble’s. The book happens to be the collective works of Edgar Allan Poe and includes all of his short stories and poems that he penned during his lifetime. And all of this for 8 dollars. What the fudge?! They were practically giving it away. And it’s like a thousand pages! I was so excited! I’ve always loved the works of Poe ever since I first read The Tell-Tale Heart in middle school. The stories were so twisted, so dark. I loved it!

And now, I have everything that he wrote and I can’t wait to get started, mind you. And there’s only one thing standing in my way. School. Sadly, it has begun again…and it’s definitely going to be one heck of a semester. Well at least I’ll be able to read about Amontillado, the Pendulum, and Lenore to help ease the transition back into my own house of Usher. Haha, when I read through it again I was a bit surprised at how accurate of a description of my house that the story had. Everything was practically down to the dot, except we don’t speak in old english. Just take a look at the picture I took of my house earlier today!

Just kidding, but close enough.

Oh well, at least I’ll have something to do in the meantime. On another note, I’ve reached a little milestone of just over 1000 page views today. I was really surprised in that in my own little goal of starting a blog, I would never have imagined it getting over 50 views considering the quality of my (mostly) pointless stuff. So thank you to everyone still with me!

I was definitely bummed to leave home again, to have to leave all of my wonderful family behind. However I find comfort in writing (especially when I’m away from home) because it lets me reflect on how I feel and lets me put down all of the great things I have to look forward to. So I really don’t mind if you don’t read these because it’s mostly a way for me to cope with whats around me. But it’s all for the better and one day I’ll look back on this and realize that it was all worth it. Now that I’m back though, and in the company of my estranged/eery roommates, I’ll definitely have more to write about. For sure, but first I got to stay focused because I am way too easily distracted. Especially with all of the other way amazing blogs out there.

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