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April 2, 2013

First Rain


These are absolutely the days that I thrive in. It’s finally the season where the snow has turned to rain and I couldn’t be any happier. There’s just something about a rainy day, the overcast skies, and the constant patter of the rain on the window that makes me feel in a place that is so distant from here. I close my eyes and I am instantly transported to a place that might as well be heaven, or something close to it anyways. These kinds of days are the ones that allow my mind to wander and think about things that I wouldn’t normally think of. And speaking of rain, here’s another poem that I found from high school about rain.

No. 5

The rain began to fall

He lay there, unmoving

Unable, bleeding, dying

The cool summer mist

Blanketed those, fallen and broken

As the rain fell

He thought of why he was there

The interests of others

With their pristine gloves

And their self-absorbed wants

The rain grew heavy

He could feel the anger building

It was not his fight

Although the rain was cool

The blood was warm

The tears grew heavy

He would go home soon

Vision blurring


Into blackness

He thought of her

One last time

As the rain washed away the pain

And remembered

Why he was here


And there you have it! Hopefully you enjoyed. These kinds of things are definitely harder to post, since they are of my own feelings (in a raw form), but I feel that it may be of better use here than in my notebook. You all have a great rest of your day :)

December 11, 2011

The Silver Lining

Fortunately, that above was not my fate. Being caught up in all of this studying has really strained my mind…But it has also shown me how beautiful life can be. I was just focusing on myself, being selfish as one can be when your grades depend on it. But I managed to take a step back from all of this busy work for a minute earlier today and just take a look at the world around me. It is filled with so much to appreciate. So much beauty, so many stories. Every person you walk by, has a story. That is something that my parents taught me when I was little. That smile that you see on a persons face can possibly be covering up years of emotional scars. The person always sitting by him/herself in class could be the victim of physical if not emotional anguish. And in these days we are just so focused on ourselves.Coming up with a gameplan of how we’re going to be on top, be the best man/woman and what not.

I was rummaging through my stuff, and happened upon an envelope that I had received when I was in the second grade. Our teacher had thought it would be a great idea to form pen-pals and write to them every month. My pen-pal was from Africa and I remember writing to him every month. Asking him things like “Hey friend! :D How is school over there? Do you celebrate Christmas too?” and getting responses like “Hey! School is fun :DD But what is Christmas?” These exchanges went on and at that point my 7 year old self never really understood the importance of being a friend. At the end of the year, my pen-pal and his whole class sent us a picture of themselves and wanted to wish me a happy summer. It was really moving that someone halfway across the world would take just a few seconds to gather up and smile for a picture that was to be sent to someone they barely knew. That’s when I began to realize how big this world really is.

We seem to take things for granted. I know I do. And it’s hard to remember that there are people in worse situations than we are in. I have to constantly remind myself that I may think I have it hard, but there are others out there fighting so that we can have this life in relative safety. Their sacrifices are just so moving to me, that someone would willingly risk their own life so that many ungrateful people can continue living the comfortable lives that they do. It’s one of the reasons why I’m in AFROTC (other than wanting to be like my dad, who just retired from the Army as a Sergeant First Class). One of the most valuable lessons that I’ve learned is that the Golden Rule (that One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself) really does work. I’ve been blessed to have made many friends, who at first glance would’ve been considered cold hearted. But people change, and they become what you hope for them to be, when you treat them as you want to see them. And it’s so amazing to see that transformation.

Anyways, there is so much that this life has to offer. You just have to find the right things to pursue, the thing that warms your heart. Whatever fuels your passion. Because the minute you start to feel down about yourself, you could have missed a fantastic opportunity to discover another reason that makes living this life a blessing, a miracle really.

Oscar 'Blade Runner' Pistorius with Ellie Challis

So when you feel that things are going tough…just remember that there are others going through or have gone through what you’re experiencing. Look up to their example and Never. Give. Up.

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