The Crows

No matter what you’re doing, what you’re trying to achieve, there will always be that one person that tells you that you can’t do it. That what you’re trying to accomplish is impossible. Well, have I got news for those people…You can accomplish what you set your mind to. Don’t let those debbie-mfing-downers get in the way of your dreams. You have those dreams for a reason, they are yours and no one else’s. It makes me furious that people I know have given up on their dreams because somebody told them that they couldn’t do it. And I’m not furious at the people that have given up, but to the people that led them to believe that they weren’t good enough to achieve their goals.

These people, these crows will always be there in your life. But I’m here to tell you that you are eagles. You were meant to soar, higher than any crow could ever hope to reach. You just have to keep your eye on the prize. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can only go up from here. Yea, I make mistakes, I also may doubt myself from time to time. But I know that those are only temporary. And that I learn from those mistakes. But giving up on a dream, before giving it my 100%, that is a regret that I would not want to carry for the rest of my life and ultimately take to the grave. Knowing that I could’ve been something great, but didn’t because I did not realize that I had the capability of achieving those goals.

Another thing. I know that we all have different purposes in our lives. Why can’t some people respect that? Everybody has a different calling, a unique destiny that is set out just for them. But when using the religion card as a way of saying that what I’m trying to do is ultimately wrong, that really pisses me off. Basically saying that the sacrifices of my grandparents and great-grandparents in combat was just a waste of time and that they should have spent more time evangelizing or whatever basically just denounces everything that they lived to protect. It’s cool bro, that you heard from God that sharing the word is your calling. But no need to try and shove that down my throat when I already know what my calling is.

This stress has really been building lately and I know it’s really unhealthy to keep it in. Maybe I’m just too nice. But that’s not going to stop me from achieving my dreams, because we only live once. And please don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise, ignore them and accomplish what is set in your heart.

“Eagles soar, whilst crows roar” – ..

4 Comments to “The Crows”

  1. I really really really like this! Thanks for sharing, I am so encouraged :)
    oh, I love eagle!! :)

  2. That’s the future Air Force officer talking!

  3. Try to keep the distance, smile and say “fuck off” in your mind :)) That should be a relaxing exercise for you. I’ve tried this and it works :))

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