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May 7, 2012

And so…Finals week commences.

My study jam. Now I just need to study LOL.

And I will start that by being on WP, when I should absolutely be studying. My room is an absolute mess right now. I’ve got stuff everywhere. If a tornado were to somehow enter my room and just blow everything away, it still wouldn’t look as bad as it does now. Just add a few angry midgets in the mix with some wooden hammers and you’re probably on the right track.

Haha, on another note…I should totally have waited on posting these last two awards. At least until after¬†finals week. The amount of traffic recently has totally kept me on here for way too long! But I’m not complaining. It’s amazing to know that when I first started…I figured that I would be the only reader. And now…I couldn’t have possibly have known that this supposedly ‘lame’ first attempt at a blog would’ve gotten to where it is now. But I just wanted to thank everyone out there for the incredible support. This blog wouldn’t be, if it weren’t for the incredible people that stop by and are kind enough to drop some advice, or wisdom, or even just a hi! Although it’s getting harder to personally thank everyone, it’s still one of the top priorities that I have. I think it means a lot more when you get a personal thanks from that person.

I know it totally makes me happier than a kid Christmas morning when some of the more well known blogs reply to something that I’ve said. Even if it may have been only one or two words haha. But it means a lot to know that they go through their comments and see who’s reading their stuff. So I’d like to reciprocate that as well. Boy, if WordPress was a class, it would be one of the few that I could ace without even studying.

Haha, I’ve finally narrowed it down to the last few comments :P

So anyways, this one’s out to you! Thanks for making this school year that much more bearable :) Now, should I finish up the night with some studying or by watching The Departed…

The Departed it is.

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