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January 18, 2012

And so it began…

The trees swayed in the cool autumn air, almost as if they were sails in the distant wind. The leaves crackled as I stepped out of my carriage onto the gravel driveway that would snake it’s way to the front door. The atmosphere surrounding this place was dark, almost unforgiving. So much that even the sun decided to hide itself behind the clouds which led to a gray, overcast day. I took a deep breath of the earthen, moist air into my lungs and calmed my nerves as I began the slow march to that front door. I’ve been here plenty of times before, but why was I nervous this time? Maybe because it was nearing the sun’s retreat, only to leave the cold, dark shadows to play around with my mind.

Every step I took my heart jumped. Would they be there? Would the monsters be out and roaming the long corridors of this evil place? The sound of war drums erupted from my chest as I made my way to the front door. I only had to make it to the safe-room. Once (and if) I made it there, everything would be alright. The light that emanated from that one room would be enough to guard my life and my spirits. I know because I’ve been there before, plenty of times. It was my retreat from the world after hours of learning and tending to various needs, this was the place that I came to for safety when the cold, oppressive night fell. However, it is an accommodation in a lair of beasts. Beasts that lurked the corridors and the dungeon hallways looking, always looking to prey on the meek or slow. I’ve done it before, I’ve made it to this haven. Everyday in fact. What was so different this time that I could only cast nervous glances around me to make sure that I wasn’t being watched? Maybe because my spirits are weak. The constant volleying of surviving may have got to me and is wearing me down…

I took a deep breath as I lifted up my arm with all the strength that I could muster. Grabbed the door knob. Twisted. Turned. Opened the door. And my heart sank in my chest immediately, as I saw what was waiting for me behind the door. My roommate. He had waited. And now I was about to suffer a horrible fate.

Did you enjoy that one? I know I did. Totally surprised myself even with that twist! What should it be called??


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