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December 19, 2011

Lame Alert

So recently I saw this commercial on tv. I was just watching some ridiculous late night shows and nearing the point of dozing off into a pleasantly peaceful sleep when, all of a sudden like a mailman in the sights of a doberman, my eyes and ears were assaulted by this sad as hell excuse for a commercial. For some reason, I couldn’t find this particular version on YT…but then again I didn’t look too hard.

Now I know this sort of situation is a really scary thing for the elderly out there, but they really could’ve tried a bit harder to sell the point. I mean the lady near the beginning that had the heart attack couldn’t have been more bitter than my milk after finding it in the back of my refrigerator after a couple months. Past the expiration date. “When you had a heart attack like I did, and there was no one there. Life Alert was there for me.” And for the home protection part…I don’t even know where a good place to start would be. For instance, the guy watching over the house…what was he doing before the call, just sitting there? Chillin’ maybe…possibly eating some cheetos by his looks… I mean if you watch that part, the screen turns on as if it was off the whole time. But whatever, maybe I’m just reading too much into something that only took 20 minutes and the creative ideas of a couple of second graders deprived of their nap-time. Actually, never mind because that would have been a hell of a lot more creative than this commercial haha. But in all, I’m only poking fun at the commercial not at the actual situations.

Here’s a YT video with the heart attack/bitter lady…

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