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May 5, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award (edit)

Ok, so I was going to just put both awards on one post, then I realized how freaking long that was going to be. So here is the Beautiful Blogger Award as presented to me by the ever so nice Ayasonice.

Alright, so at first I wasn’t too sure if I had done this one right. I mean some other people had the same rules as the one’s posted here. But others had alternate rules that allowed you to share 10 random facts about yourself. And it was pretty 50/50. But considering that these awards are designed for others to recognize your blog, I kind of wanted this one to mean something other than just “Nominate five blogs (er in some cases 7)” Yea, it’s cool if you get an award, but it should definitely mean something to you! So I’m going to change it up a bit and add one more rule. There’s no blogging authority to stop me eh?

Beautiful Blogger Award

The rules of the Beautiful Blogger award are:

  1. Thank the one who nominated you by linking back
  2. (New Rule) Either give a paragraph of the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen or post one picture of something you consider beautiful. Because a picture’s worth a thousand words.
  3. Nominate five blogs
  4. Let your nominees know by leaving a comment on their sites
  5. Copy and paste the award image on your site.

[Sigh] Haha, so once again thank you for nominating me for this award! I never would have thought I was beautiful LOLOL. But I’m glad you think so Ayasonice ;)

My elementary school classroom looked a lot like this. Definitely brings back the memories. I would consider this to be beautiful.

Anyways, so for my nominations:

Alright, I know it said only five. But hey, you all deserve it. I wish I could put more actually. But I definitely should go back to watching a movie (er I mean studying, yea…studying.)

So thanks once again Ayasonice, it’s always a pleasure stopping by. Now you just got to stop posting for this next week so that I don’t get distracted from studying!!

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