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October 25, 2011

Parking Garage

So I was driving to school today, racing the clock to get to class on time. To me it seems that when you are trying to get somewhere, the clock runs twice as fast. It’s like the clock is taunting me. “Oh, you’re trying to get somewhere and be on time to something? Let me just find things that will burn your time so that you won’t make it. Actually, I’ll just guarantee that you won’t make it.”

Anyways, I usually park in the parking garage that’s located right next to campus. Of course there were no spots left for me, so I had to head all the way to the top of the garage. Now, as I parked into one open spot that was conveniently located the furthest possible way from the elevator, I turned to get out of my car. I was a bit surprised to see someone sitting in the car next to me. They were just sitting there and looking. At what? I don’t know. Whatever…so I just dismissed it and and started heading to the elevator. On the way there, I saw at least another half dozen people just sitting in the dark in their cars. It was definitely a bit odd and then I remembered the part in Paranormal Activity 3 with all of the old ladies in the garage [SPOILER]. My heart started racing and I thought “I’m never going to make it out of this garage alive. I’m on the top floor and no one will hear me scream. I never even got to confess my love to the person that I had liked for a long time let alone eat the new blueberry cereal that I had just bought for breakfast. I’m never going to experience disco or throw pies at the wenches at the Renaissance Fair.”

I realized that maybe I was taking things a bit far. So I recollected myself and continued walking towards the elevator. Faster. But of course, following the trend of the day, waiting for the elevator was the longest wait of my day. I could’ve bought ingredients to make a pizza, then order one for delivery. And while that one from delivery was on the way, make my own pizza with the ingredients I just bought, then invite everyone I knew over for a pizza party.

The descent down to the first floor was probably the best feeling of my life, knowing that every second took me further away from those people in their cars. I mean, I’m not saying that it’s not normal to wait for your class or whatever they were doing, in their cars. But it was in the dark. Pitch black. And not like ‘do naughty things in the dark’ kind of hanging out, but they were just sitting there. Staring. Into my soul. But when those elevator doors opened, and the daylight poured in around me, I gave a little sigh of relief and continued with my day.

I almost regret putting that picture in this post, because now I have to stare at it every time I come to this cursed website. And it’s not going to just magically disappear until I put up another post.

But yea, today started off really sunny and warm, and now it’s really overcast. It’s supposed to snow 6-10″ tonight which I am not at all excited for, since I’ll have to get up and shovel the sidewalks on campus… But I’m really loving this weather! Which is why I wanted to put a post up. About people. In their cars. In the dark…

The End.

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