Life is Good.

Wow! I have not put up a post or anything in a long time! And it sure feels good to be back, that’s for sure. School’s about to start meaning I’ll have a ton more time to waste (haha) just kidding. I really have to make this last year count! It’s all gone by so fast…Soon I will experience the last first day of school ever, and I will be sucked back into my studies. But I thought I’d just put up something, since it brings back all those memories of blogging late into the night, hiding in my closet of a room so that I wouldn’t have to deal with my awful roommates. But that’s another story!

Anyways, I’m just going to keep it brief here. I don’t really have anything on my mind at the moment. Hmm, looking back at the previous post I just want to thank everyone that helped me with my petition. I definitely reached my goal, but I couldn’t have done it without you! More than half of the signatures were from WP!

I’m at a standstill for posting anything stimulating at the moment, however, I would definitely like to get back in touch with you all! So definitely just stop by and say hey and I’ll get back to you! If you’ve never been to this blog feel free to say hey still! I love meeting new bloggers on wordpress, there are just so many talented writers! You have all encouraged me so much, more than I thought I was going to get when I first started, so I thought I would return the favor.

So if life is good, let me know why that is so. And if it’s not so great…still let me know. Like I said, I’d love to get back in touch! And I really don’t even know where to start…plus I can’t sleep.



12 Comments to “Life is Good.”

  1. This post makes me happy. Commencing Episode VI: Return of the Blogger-Jedi. :)

  2. Hey, you’re not dead! ;) Good to see you back! Totally with you on the sleep feeling – I hardly know how to sleep when I haven’t run myself into absolute exhaustion. I kinda miss the days of hitting the pillow and instantly sleeping. Sure I’ll be back to it as soon as school starts!

    • Of course I’m not dead! Great to see you around as well. Yes once school starts sleeping shouldn’t be a problem, since I can never seem to get enough! Hope your summer was well although I wish it was a little longer…

      • My summer was insanely busy, but I am now enjoying my short (very short) break before I go back to school. Best of luck as you head into your last year. :)

  3. Nice to see you back on the block, I missed you! I don’t have much to talk about which is my blog is also not updated too much. Have a great start of your last school year!

    • Thanks! I have definitely missed you (and your blog) too! It’s definitely come a long way…Can’t believe it’s already two years! Oh well, you better be having fun not worrying about school!

  4. It’s so good to see you’re back :) so I’ll try and stop by more often too to keep updated!!

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