Distance is Irrelevant

I don’t know what exactly it is about distance, but I feel that the more further I am away from something, the less of an impact that I have on the situation in question.

Case in point. A stupid one at that. My classes are about the start once more, beginning tomorrow. Now I’ve been trying over break to register for classes and set up my schedule, so that I wouldn’t have to be doing this kind of thing right before school starts. I’ve definitely sent out e-mails to various professors and what not, and totally understand that they are on a much needed vacation as well. However, I didn’t hear one thing back until today and I’ve felt pretty helpless since I live a good deal from campus. And the one professor I did hear back from was actually pretty rude. Definitely not going to be taking her class.

However, I’m back up in my apartment again. In my quiet room, and it’s a bit surreal. [Always hate these transition stages from home to school] But now that I’m back up here I feel more adept with my surroundings. Like everything I say has some weight to it. I’ve sent out a new group of emails and have started getting responses back, and things are starting to look up again.

I’ve definitely had some quiet time away from friends, family, everyone the past couple days and I realize that I’ve started to get a bit complacent again. I realize that the things that are keeping me worried are really nothing in the big picture. It’s easy to fall into this train of thought, especially when you never have to worry about having food, everyday necessities, a roof over your head.

I realize now that the distance to your goal does not matter. As long as that passion for the pursuit of that goal is burning in your heart, it simply does not matter. Things have a way of working themselves out in the end, and that is something that I have learned over and over. Especially with the help of the technology we have today. Although it feels as if the things that were meant to bring us together are divulging us in our own little world, devoid of anybody else.


It’s so quiet in my room right now, and I have nothing critical to do until the start of my classes tomorrow. It’s definitely given me some time to ponder, clear my mind, and remember everything I’ve gone through to reach where I’m at, right now. All of the sacrifices, hardships, taking the path less traveled. So my point with this whole thing is that never take anything for granted, because it’s gotten you as far as you are now and will take you to that place that you have always wanted to go.

5 Comments to “Distance is Irrelevant”

  1. Looking back, I see a lot of sense in what you’ve shared. “never take anything for
    granted, because it’s gotten you as far as you
    are now and will take you to that place that you have always wanted to go.”
    The paradox of our time seems so true. To make a difference, we have to be different.
    Lovely post!

  2. Ponder away! And I love the paradox thing. The computer part is so true. People think that forwarding something is communicating. I would rather get a single poorly typed line than 50 cut and pasted memes or cartoons.

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