One Year

Wow, it’s been a little over one year now since I started this blog. I have learned absolutely a lot, just from writing about things that have been on my mind at one point or another. I’ve probably learned a lot more just about the world around me than any school can possibly teach. I know it probably sounds like a stretch, but that’s what I got out of it.

One year ago, I was in a totally different place with other things that were plaguing me. I was in a house, living in a little closet of a room, living day to day. Always worried about the possibility that in that next semester I might have to go home if I didn’t get an EA slot that would have allowed me to continue on that path of becoming an officer in the Air Force. Living in a house of people that didn’t really know what it meant to be a true friend. They always preached the word, but they never practiced it. No one’s perfect, but realizing your faults is way more mature than pretending that you don’t have them.

But I realized that if I wasn’t able to somehow talk about the things that bothered me, it would destroy me from the inside. I didn’t really care that maybe no one would care to listen, it was all for myself anyway. I still sometimes go back and read the posts that meant a lot to me and it sometimes does bring me to tears (you didn’t hear that from me by the way). Not only was I able to get those things off my chest, but I also found out that I’m not the only one that has things to worry about. I met a lot of unique people, saw things through their perspective and realized that, yes, I have problems. But nothing’s going to change if you just wallow in your own self pity.

I have the opportunity to change myself as well as encourage the people around me. So why not use that gift that God has blessed me with and start making a difference? I tell myself this everyday, but even just the little things can make such a huge difference. A smile, taking those few extra seconds to hold open that door for somebody, little things like that. You can change someone’s life, you have no idea.

The news today only seems to point out tragic stories of murder, kidnappings, rape. Why is it always those things that tend to put a damper on one’s attitude towards life. There’s such a good side to life, but it can be hard to find if all we are exposed to are stories of war, death, and famine.

So if there was one thing that I learned in the past year, that has affected how I view life as well as carry it out is that no matter who you are, you absolutely can make a difference. It might not be world changing or nobel prize worthy, but being able to save someone in some way you could never have expected, is worth more than anything. So just know that you are more than one person in a world of 7 billion. It just depends on how you want to make your impression on those around you.

Don’t let those smiles fool you. I’ve found out that more often than not, the happiest people are the one’s that truly need someone to talk to. They always go out of their way to make others around them feel better, but no one ever aks them if they are ok. No one would ever guess. Be yourself, observe those around you. If someone needs help, never turn a cold shoulder towards them. These are all things that I’ve learned. And all with the help of one art teacher that I had back as a kid. I found this in my planner from middle school over the summer:

Today, one of the most beloved teachers at our school passed away. He was the only teacher that ever tried to talk to me about my problems and aspirations; and he inspired me even when I felt hopeless. He constantly struggled with severe health problems, but he was still one of the happiest/funniest people I knew. But he didn’t die from health complications; he committed suicide this morning. Why?”

One of the many people that helped me as I was going through struggles as a kid growing up. It’s really burned into my heart knowing that he went out of my way to set me straight. And to carry out his kindness, it’s been a personal goal of myself to carry on that legacy that he contributed to my life with. His encouragement really helped me to become the person that I am today, and his passing will not be in vain.

So I just want to thank you all for being with me for this long. I just hope that I was able to make some sort of impact on you as you all have had on me.

26 Comments to “One Year”

  1. May this blog continue for many years to come and become a record of a great, successful life :-)

  2. You my dear have beautiful soul! I’m still amazed how our blogs collided but I’m grateful they did. Sending hugs your way, please continue to be so awesome!

    • Aw, well thanks a ton! I am amazed as well…but it was definitely for a reason. The next time it rains, I’m going to take a nice long jog through it and I’ll post about it and tell you how awesome it was :P Haha, you continue being awesome as well!

  3. This reminder is so good. I have seen it over and over….not anyone who has actually gone so far as to commit suicide, but genuinely kind, friendly people being overlooked because everyone assumes they have no problems.

    Congratulations on making a year! Please carry on. :)

    • Absolutely! Never forget those that have brought a smile to your face. Because out of everything, out of unselfishness, out of kindness, they went out of their way to bring someone (in some cases someone they don’t even know) to have a better outlook on life. Those are the people that are worth fighting for.

      Haha, well thank you. Here’s to possibly another year! I wonder where I’ll be then??

  4. Congratulations, man. You not only went thru 365 days with this blogging thing, but you also got me to log back on after a period of blogging exile, haha.

    But, you’ve been through a lot, it was about time you accomplished something, no matter how small some people might see it.

    Congrats once again…

    • Thanks a ton man. There were definitely times where I was in a sort of exile myself haha. You’ve definitely helped me see things in a different light as well. Always humorous, but able to be serious when necessary. But that’s cool to hear though! When things start to slow down, I’ll definitely have to go through some of your stuff.

      But thanks again! Thanks for sticking through the ups and the downs.

  5. That saying on the black square is awesome. Never heard it before…but I knew it instinctually…

    • You’re right, I think it’s one of those things that we all know deep down on the inside. However, we never realize it…it’s like that saying goes. “You never know what you had until you lose it”.

  6. Read this in the office, on a very (internally) gloomy day. THANK YOU SIMON!

  7. My sweet, you are wiser than your years but iIkeep telling you this.
    This is the most touching post I have read in some time. I could see myself through your own vision. This is the reason I follow you because despite us you are a younger version of me that I wish I’d known 30 yrs ago and what you now know.
    You my young friend are such an inspiriation to this Bareoness. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much. That really does mean a lot. Your kindness towards me as well as your prayers have really gone a long way. So thank you for that. I always enjoy all of the positive messages that you post up. So as far as inspiration goes, keep those messages flowing! You never know who else you might inspire :D

  8. Congratulations on your anniversary and so beautifully expressed. So sorry about your beloved teacher – so beautifully expressed. It broke my heart … also because I know this kind of situation happens far too often. I have shared on Facebook

    • Yea, it was very sudden when it happened. Our class really wasn’t the same after that. Just the amount of passion and love that he had for his class. Too sudden. But thank you. I was surprised because I had no idea just how common those kinds of situations are. You learn something new everyday, right?

  9. You my friend are an inspiration and I will gladly keep up the style pf postings that feel good. Most of the time this is also my mentality. I am a happy person by nature. So its not a hardship for me.

    Thank you for your kind words again. Its people like you who make it all so worth while.~

    Be happy my friend ~

    • Ah thanks! That’s true, being a happy person by nature just really brings into light how awesome things are. Always looking at the silver lining. I just felt that I would help others to see that silver lining, those that have a harder time finding it. And no problem, you keep up those awesome posts as well!

  10. I’m so glad to read that you found this site so helpful in getting a lot of your problems off your chest no one should carry that around with them. I’m sorry to read about your teacher but I’m he’d be glad to know that in death he was thought of with fondness. Best of luck in your journey

    • Yea thanks :) Unlike a ton of other things that I regret doing when I should be studying, this is definitely the one exception. And you’re right, it’s definitely not a good thing carrying around all of those feelings all the time. It’s poison I tell ya! But yea, I never will understand why he did it. But I know that he had a big impact on my life in the time that I had to talk to him. Good guy, for sure. And thanks! I wish the same for yours as well :)

  11. Just wanted you to know you were thought of today!

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