The air hinted of Autumn. The breeze, of Winter. The sun dimmed as it gave one more effort before finally retiring to the cold emptiness of the night. Lights dotted the landscape, stars dotted the sky. An owl hooting off in the distance, somewhere in the forest. Someone coughs, lungs full of smoke, somewhere in the city. The barren empty city.

The man lay  there, in the grassy opening. Every breath becoming harder to take in as the minutes passed by. He thought of his life up to this point, touched the wound under his blood stained shirt. He winced not only because of the sharp pain in his chest, but also because the feeling of regret that burdened his mind. There were so many things that he had wished he had done. Things that he wished he had said. But as his pulse grew weaker, his vision fading, the only thing that came to his mind was a bitter cold.

He wished that he hadn’t been so ignorant, so stupid. He thought of his home, the familiar smell of his grandmother’s cooking. All the times that he had played with his siblings. Then those dark days, when his grandfather was on his dying moments. He still couldn’t hide the pain when it came to his sweet grandfather. So heart-broken was he that his parents had to pick him up from his grandfather’s tombstone. They had thought he had run away, but he had been by his side, out in the cold for one full week. Hungry, tired, sad. But without any strength. He thought of those days.

The brisk air brought him back to his senses. He knew that there was no hope. He had always wanted to grow up making a difference in the world and knew that it was a big, foolish dream at that. The silence of the night brought him a form of comfort. Silence, the only place where he was able to gather his thoughts. Find out what kind of person he truly was. He started to feel warm. Vision started to fade. The breeze flowing over the long grass in the field, gave him the sensation of flight. He took one more full breath, knowing that things would be better for him. And closed his eyes.

5 Comments to “Sunset”

  1. Moving and bitter sweet. Death and life so intermingled. Awesome.

  2. Love it. I read that to Lost in Paradise by Evanescence. Yes.

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