The Great Getaway.

The weekend was a much needed reprieve from the harrows of the week prior. It seems like every single day was a week in itself. But oh well. My roommate had to go out of town to attend a wedding meaning I had the house all to myself today. For once I had the luxury of being able to just enjoy the silence. Not going to lie, I did absolutely nothing today. And I liked it. But these days don’t come around too often, so I was just taking advantage of the opportunity before things began to pick up again.

So in the solitude that I was able to find for myself I thought about the things that have been on my mind lately. Being an upperclass cadet literally means that I have to be the embodiment of leadership. I have a pretty sweet responsibility of being a role model to all of the incoming freshman and even the sophomores and everything we get taught in our class has to do with the L-word. Leadership. Everything we do is always under constant scrutiny and we are expected to set the bar higher and higher all the time, by our cadre (-our professors) Just by knowing all of the different aspects and ways to apply it in everyday life. There are literally countless ways to be a leader. Everybody is a leader in some way or form. The key being how to be an effective leader. I can practically tell you all of the traits of a good leader, but it’s the execution which is the hardest part. It definitely does a number on you after awhile and I’m starting to feel burned out by it. And it’s only the 3rd week of school!

I’ve been just a tad bit down lately also because I haven’t been to church in a bit now, especially after breaking away from the one I was in last year. I’m still looking around for a good one, but until then Joel Osteen has got my back. I tend to post when something is bothering me, and I find that to actually help me out. Not only because I get to vent, but also because I get to realize how much my problems are nothing compared to some others out there. It helps me to realize that I could be in so much more of a worse situation. But I also like to post because I may never know who my words reach out to. I am definitely optimistic in that someone may be able to take these words to heart.

I know because I found myself in that exact same situation years prior. I was definitely at a dark time of my life, but the kind words of some stranger absolutely changed my view of how I perceived my situation and how that although things may have seemed bad…nothing is permanent. Where you are in life can only be determined by, well, your own determination. And looking back, I have turned 180 degrees and come to a point in life that I never would have imagined myself to be in. So I just wanted to point out that it’s not impossible. There are others who need help and that you can be that help for someone out there. And I’m not just talking about blogging.

Take a few extra seconds to hold that door for the person behind you, throw in a few smiles here and there. People love smiles, trust me they do! Especially in today’s world, which seems to be dominated by news of people dying here or riots there. Wars over there, and people getting cheated on over yonder.

I may have used this one before, but I just love this picture!

I really have no idea what happened to this post, considering that I was just going to complain about how busy I was…but looking back, I really can’t follow the thought process, but I have to say I like how it ended up. (I never draft what I’m going to post, I just sit down and let my mind wander and take me where ever it wants to go, hence the lack of a coherent thought pattern). Anyways, I thought I’d share that before school started picking up again and I lose myself in my own thoughts again!

12 Comments to “The Great Getaway.”

  1. Are you at a military academy? I’m in business school now and we talk about leadership all the time. I think one of the best parts of the experience has been being part of a group of people who are consciously to develop their self awareness and become better human beings. I was really worried with an over achieving group it would be too many chiefs and not enough indians as they say, but being around people trying to step up when it’s called for has been a great experience, hope you are enjoying the same, and thank you for your service.

    • If there were more people to develop their self awareness and actually think for themselves, I feel that this would be such a different place. It’s just that we are bombarded with so much bits of information all the time, that our judgment can be clouded at times. But yes, it is definitely inspiring when those people do step up. Just being in the presence of people like that seems to help me to follow that example. But I totally understand, but there will always be a need for chiefs…it’s just that being the one that is able to inspire rather than force is the hard part.

      But yes, I am in Air Force ROTC currently and still have this and next year before I finally get to graduate and commission! And good luck in your studies as well!

  2. Great post on your thpughts. thank you. Finding a home church is really difficult. I’m still looking and it’s been 5 yrs. You are so wonderfully right about perspective, if I do not look beyond my own nose I soon see the worst in evrything. How freeing it is when we look to others.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts ~ BB

    • No, thank you for always sharing! Yea, about the church situation. Definitely still looking, and I still get a multitude of calls from the last place. It does get quite annoying…they just don’t know when enough is enough. And absolutely, my problems aren’t really even worth complaining about. It definitely helps me to stay in check when, I start to feel down. Because I’m a human too, and I also have feelings!! Haha.

      • It’s easy when feelings surface and there is no sense of community ( read home church) to let the feelings get us down. You are human and thank God for that!
        Life can be so hard sometimes, no matter, we own our own feelings, no comparison when they belong to you.

        My wishes for a home church have been replaced for a wish just to have a sense of a faithful community period. I think for me it is more feasable right now where I live.

        Or I am incredibly picky.. ;-) (shrugs shoulders)

        You are a blessing here and part of my community. I am grateful for you. ~ BB

      • Ah yes, a community. Everybody wishes they can belong, either to one thing or another. It’s a scary feeling when you feel like you can’t find that sense of belonging. But I agree totally. We do own our own feelings and no one can ever change that. And you are also right, I am human! I thank God for that everyday, just to be breathing and having the opportunity to be in the place I am right now (as corny as that may sound…)

        But thanks! That means a lot knowing that I’m part of that community :) As you are a part of mine! Your prayers haven’t been forgotten and I thank you for that. I still remember the first time you said you would pray for me, on that other blog (…haven’t been there in forever) And I can only tell you that they have been heard, so thank you.

  3. The embodiment of leadership… that is like even harder than regular leadership…
    I love the way this post skips all over the playground. That is the way I think… like a squirrel on crack…
    Thanks tor reminding us to be kind to each other.
    And when you have a problem, we are there for you.

  4. I <3 you. Also it's glad to hear that you are still trying to go to church. Keep it real man. The Lord is the only thing that has never lead me astray. And if it makes you feel better (or amuses you) I had to explain to my students why I was on crutches. "Well kids, I feel in the rain because I was running TOO DAMN FAST."
    And since no blood ever seeped through my stitches and gauze, they did not question this. The truth: Laura shot me in the leg with my own side arm. 9mm jacketed hollow points. Hiding my bullet wounds from staff and students as well as dealing with a bullet wound made the first two weeks of april = crap city. But she shot me out of love…yea, so never love anyone ever. Love = bullets.

    yea…Love = bullets.
    Anyway, hit me up my friend.


    • Thanks man, that means a ton. You are absolutely the OG in keeping things real, haha. But yea, I totally understand. The Lord has brought me this far as well, and one bad church isn’t going to keep be from getting to know Him more.

      Haha, but wow! A teacher now, huh! But that is absolutely insane!! Shot in the leg?! That sounds aweful! Hmm, but I don’t understand that it was out of love. That is either some twisted love or…I don’t even have any explanation for that one.

      But yea, it’s always good hearing from an old friend. Even though we’ve never met, I’ve learned a ton just from what you had posted. It’s a rough life, but seeing someone as you go through things like that and still have the capacity to joke around here and there. It’s definitely uplifting. Haha, but you hang in there, and I pray for a full recovery. Those students are definitely lucky having someone like you as their teacher! You teach ’em!

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