Would you look at that…I guess I’m it.

Alright-y! So I’ve been tagged and now I must answer many a questions. What perfect way to start the new year of procrastination! Haha, I’m already looking forward to Thanksgiving as we speak. But oh well. Thanks to Green Paw-Paw for the tag! So onto the rules!

The Rules

1. I must post the rules.
2. I must answer the questions the tagger listed for me (since I got tagged more than once, this isn’t going to be a nice pointy eleven).
3. I must create (or reuse) 11 questions for those I tag.
4. I must tag 11 people.
5. I must let them know they’ve been tagged.

1. If you had the power to ban a certain book, or certain kinds of books, however productive the outcome may be (think Twilight or Oliver’s Story), even if you knew a huge majority of readers might thank you for it, would you?

Hmm, as much as there are a certain number of books that I truly dislike, I don’t feel that it would be right to ban any book. Every book is the manifestation of the author’s view upon the world and I feel that nobody should be denied that right, author and audience alike. I feel that people are smart enough to have their own viewpoints and that an open mind will be more important in the long run. We don’t want to have a Fahrenheit 451 situation now, would we?

2. What is one book you wish you had written?

One book that I wish I had written…That’s a tough one. Well I guess it’s not necessarily a book by definition, but more of a comic, I would have loved to have been the creator of Bone. Just to have that much creative insight, with imagination, and a little dash of humour. Oh I’m now going to have to go read that once more!

3. You have finally achieved world domination and as new king/queen of the world, you need to fashion yourself a crown. But of course, you’re too cool for precious metals and the like. What would your crown be/be made of?

Oh my god, it’s about time! My crown would be made of the alien symbiote that makes up Venom from Spiderman. That way the crown would always be a part of me and no one would be able to take it. Also it would enhance my awesome abilities to become…well more awesome :P

4. Have you ever wondered how a doggie biscuit tastes and wanted to try?

Yes, yes I have. I haven’t though, just to set the record straight!

5. Is there a book that you weren’t able to complete for whatever reason, but lied about it and told people you did? Which one?

Harry Potter. It’s one of my greatest regrets. I was always ahead of the movies by a long shot (it was so neat comparing the book to the movie after they came out), until around the fifth book. I don’t exactly know what happened but I just stopped in the middle of the book and didn’t come back to it for the longest time. And when I did try and pick it back up…I totally had forgotten everything that had happened, and I didn’t want to start all the way from the beginning :(

6. Your choice of instant pick-me-up food?

Hmm, instant pick me up food. Definitely chocolate granola bars. So delicious. Also all the more better since I’m just a poor college kid.

7. If there was an appendage you could add to the human anatomy (wings, talons, a tail…), what would it be?

I guess this isn’t necessarily an appendage, but I would add low light visibility as an added capability to your eyes. So basically night vision. Who wouldn’t want to be able to see in the dark?!?!?

8. If you could go back in time and stop a famous event from taking place, what would it be and why?

I would definitely try and stop Martin Luther King from walking into his apartment that fateful day. I think that he was an amazing leader and such an inspiration for so many. It was almost unfair that he had to go as soon as he did. It would have been great to learn more about why he did what he did, and where that strength comes from. To stand against so many, just for what you believe in…

9,10,11. All the book characters you’ve ever loved are people in your immediate friend circle. Who would you turn to:

a) to make a bucket list with you and go all over the world fulfilling each item on the list?

I would want Jay Gatsby to make that ultimate bucket list. He just seems like a pretty awesome person in general. I just feel like we would have a lot to talk about. He seems to have everything, except the one thing that makes a person whole. The ability to share one’s thoughts and feelings with a significant other. But back to the bucket list, we would definitely have the funds to carry-out whatever we wanted to.

b) to plonk down next to you on that patch of moon land you guys bought, feel awesome, and somehow keep each other from dying of boredom until the next space shuttle comes to pick you up?

Definitely Hester Prynne. We would have so much fun, especially on the moon. She could use her witchcraft on me all she wants…if you know what I mean :P Haha, that’s so bad actually. Just forget that I said that.

c) when the world thinks you’re responsible for the attack on the entire human race by some random scary evil alien monsters and you are the only one who knows what they want but nobody will listen to you and you need somebody to help you save the world? (Sorry. This is a question that plagues me at night.)

Definitely Sherlock Holmes. He just has the innate ability to solve the most intricate of problems, so I’m pretty sure aliens monsters would be no problem. It would probably just end up being a troupe of angry midgets that vied for revenge because they could never reach the stool seats at their local restaurants. Or something in that manner.

And now, I tag thee:





Lazy Happy Bored Happy Sad…




Trying to Know Thyself

Doorway to Amaranthia


Alright, so for my questions!

1. What is your favorite quote, who is it from, and why?

2. Which song can bring you to tears or reminds you of your childhood?

3. What is one thing that keeps you going day in and day out?

4. Why did you start blogging?

5. Is there one thing that you regret not doing in the past? If so, would you be willing to share what that was on here?

6. What is one thing that you saw that restored your faith in the human race?

7. Rain or Sun?

8. What movie had the most impact on you? (A movie that just really made you challenge your view on anything)

9. List five words that describe your character.

10. What is your greatest fear?

11. What do you ultimately want to accomplish in the days to come?

Alright well there are my questions for you! I’ll be waiting to read all of these awesome answers. I know that these kinds of posts can take a quite a bit of time…so I understand if you don’t want to do it. Although it would be nice to get to know you all that much better :) Once again, thanks for the tag Green Paw-Paw! It was definitely fun going through your questions. And what an awesome way to start my year off! Haha, totally had a ton of chapters to read in my overly expensive textbooks. But sorry it took so long haha. I should probably get back to my homework now eh?

8 Responses to “Would you look at that…I guess I’m it.”

  1. Bone! Night vision! Sherlock Holmes! Love your answers.
    Welcome back. :)

  2. This is so neat! A very fun read, I loved your answers! :) (Your world-domination-crown sounds awesome. \m/)

  3. Bone!! YES. Seriously, that book is magic.

    Fab post!

  4. Oh my God those questions look tough!


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