Worst #@$%ing Day Ever! :)

First off, before you read, pardon the language. I can usually control my language but today was the last straw. But with that being said and you still have the patience to stomach it:

Everybody has had one of these days for sure. They are the absolute worst. It seems as if nothing, and I mean nothing, can go right the moment you wake up. It’s like the world decided, “Oh, Simon…you’ve opened your eyes. Let me give you the worst fucking day possible, just because I feel like it! ;)” I knew I was bound sometime or another for a day like this. Things lately were going well…too well I should say. ‘Twas only a matter of time.

Anyways, it all started with a group project that was supposed to be due today. Well, turns out that all of my partners couldn’t work on it, since they had work or some other thing going on. Awesome. So that meant that I got to work on the group project all by myself. Have you ever heard the term “being thrown under the bus”. Yea, I was totally thrown under the bus on that one. Not only thrown under, but the bus decided to go in reverse, crush my body some more, park on top of it before finally deciding to peel out and transport the children to prison, or whatever in the hell it is that those big twinkies do.

So we had to present today, and none of our group had their shit together. Except me. And to add insult to injury everybody wanted to take the easy parts of the presentation, like changing the powerpoint slides. Whoa, don’t strain yourselves, guys. Thanks assholes. This was supposed to be a group project but I ended up doing a huge part of the work myself. I say huge part because I didn’t even finish it last night. I actually asked one thing of everyone, one thing, and that was to add their names. But for fucks sake, they couldn’t even do that. Thank god though, we didn’t have enough time and before presenting our teach just decided to let us go next week. Saved some embarrassment that’s for sure.

Not only that, but I also had a test that I should have been studying for. Had a whole group set up last night and everything for some co-lab-o-rating. That didn’t work since I spent the entire time working on that fucking presentation. So I basically went into this test blindly. Cool. Nothing I haven’t done before. Thing is, this is for my hardest class. Please just shoot me now. Not only that, but some assholes at the library decided it would be funny to message a bunch of random people on my facebook and say retarded stuff. Fuck that shit. And people actually believe it’s me. Haha awesome. But I don’t really care about that. First World Problem.

Taking that test, I sat next to one person in particular. And everytime he talked it seemed like I was under a personal rainstorm. I dared not to wipe away the spit from my face since I didn’t want to seem rude. But I’m glad I got my shower in for the day. Not only that but after stumbling my way through that test, it decided to be super windy the 5 minutes it took to get to the parking lot. Hellooo allergies. Oh yea, thanks wind for being super accurate enough to blow every fucking particle in the air right into my eyes.

I came home and was welcomed to the shrieking of my roommate and his attempts at singing. I guess he can’t really sing on pitch and play the guitar at the same time, so that gave me a bit of a laugh. Other than that I came into my room to blow my nose and somehow ended up with a freaking paper cut on my hand. From what? Hell if I know. The soap fucking found it though.

Right now, I don’t care what else happens. The whole day has been pretty shit. But yea, it could always be worse. In reality these problems are nothing. But damn! Anything else you forgot to add, world?

Oh, does anybody know any good violin pieces? I find that listening to any song with a violin seems to be very therapeutic. Maybe I just need to sleep. 2 hours was definitely not enough last night.

25 Comments to “Worst #@$%ing Day Ever! :)”

  1. That was a shit day!!! And groupwork is always a big pain in the ass, that’s for sure because people aren’t responsible enough to do stuff on their own or even think things through for like a fucking minute.
    Get some sleep, Simon, and then I hope your day will be better or at least tomorrow is. As for me, I’m going to bed now, :-)
    I’m sending you a virtual big hug if that’s any help at all, who knows?! Some days just suck like there’s no tomorrow. Period.

    • Exactly. I’m surprised I made it home actually :/ Every time I enter a new class and hear that later on in the semester there’s going to be a group project, I cringe. Because I know it’s always going to turn out the same. Every. Fucking. Time. And last night was no exception. I don’t know if I’m too nice or what, but I always get stuck with saving everyone’s ass and coming up with the project by myself.

      I came home and was able to take a nap haha. I guess it started raining as I was asleep, since water came in my window. The day just won’t end! Well, thanks for the hug! Granted its not like a real hug, but definitely better than nothing ;P And you’re right. Maybe tomorrow will bring a better day.

      • During my semester in Sweden, I took 4 courses and there were group assignments in every course and it sucked. I had a friend there who also had to do the shitty group works and she always ended up doing most stuff by herself because it almost always never works. I simply hate group assignments and I would be happy if I never had to do them again. Not that I am antisocial but it never turns out how it’s supposed to be.

      • Oh man, a group project in every class? God…But at least it was in Sweden. That must’ve been pretty sweet! But yeah, group projects suck…it almost always means that you’re going to have to do a huge project by yourself. Haha, right. Group projects are one thing that I would not mind being antisocial at.

  2. That second pie chart pretty much describes every collaboration I’ve worked on, school or otherwise. Hope you did okay on your test! Blind tests are terrible, but every now and then you can pull one off.

    • Right?! It couldn’t get any more accurate than that. And thanks! I hope so as well :/ There were definitely some parts that I didn’t know though…oh well. Haha, but with the luck I’ve been getting today (or the lack thereof) I probably shot myself in the foot on this one.

      • Let’s hope not! I always managed at least one letter grade better than I thought on tests I winged. Granted, I often thought I had a D, so there you go.

      • Haha, alright! Well at least we’re in the same boat, I’d kill for C’s :P I honestly don’t know how I did on this test. You know sometimes you just get that feeling that you either owned it or bombed it? Honestly, it could go either way with this one.

  3. Listening to some reggae music always saves me from days like this. I hope all is well now.

    • Hmm, some reggae huh. That’s actually not a bad idea. Although I only have probably two songs. Yea thanks! I just got to make it the 3 feet from my chair to the bed to finally conclude this awful day.

  4. Trust me buddy, the shitty day of the month comes to everyone. I never trust any one either, but I suppose that is a little different or me…

    Regardless, a great Violinist that I love would be Tamaki Kawakubo. I find that kind of music very therapeutic too.

    Sorry you had shitty day, but I had to check in on ya while I could. Things are getting hairy over here and I think this girl is not going to make it. We are starting to fall behind and loose her.

    Hope you are having a better week though.

    • Thanks man. Yea, it’s all good! Haha I guess our trust values would be different that’s for sure. From a selfish point of view, yea it was a terrible day. But in comparison to things that you go through, no cigar. Hopefully you guys catch up soon. Seems like you guys have always complete what you set out to do. And thanks for the reference, I will definitely have to check out her music.
      Thanks for stopping by as always! Hope your week gets better as well.

  5. I am encouraged by the quality of swearing in this post! I reviewed it carefully for both quality and quantity, and while there is certainly room for improvement (for instance, I saw no foreign swear words), by and large I approve…and you know I’m world champ of this fucking shit!

  6. What a crazy day! However, I must say it’s a little bit your fault, regarding that project. You should’ve told your teacher about the fact that you worked alone. She would have appreciated and you would have been the hero :D. I can’t believe you didn’t hit anybody from your team or, at least, didn’t say some “beautiful” words. I hate this kind of people… so lazy and stupid. Try to be “zen”! My advice is: keep calm and hit somebody! :))))

    • Haha, I should’ve told my teacher! But this one just isn’t that kind of person. In fact I probably would’ve failed since I wasn’t even able to manage a group for even a couple hours. But yea, it took every bit of restraint to not blow up one them for not even putting their names on the assignment…But what can you do…I can’t force them to work, although I can just let them take an F on the assignment if I’m going to be the only one that’s going to take the time to put some effort into it. Haha, and yes! That is a totally fitting quote :)

      • You need to have a little patience… the school time will pas and… you will have a job where nobody wants to work. :)) Oh God! I wanted to cheer you up, but I realised that all the life is the same. :)))

      • Haha, thanks. You’ve always cheered me up since the beginning, so no worries :P But life is however you make it, it’ll only be the same if you make it the same right? You just got to change it up here and there. Make it new, something to look forward to. And that is what keeps me going :)

  7. Ahh, a sailor after my own heart. Some days you just gotta bust out an f-bomb and tell everyone to suck it. That being said…it’s terrible that shit like that goes down but it’s nice to know that isn’t just me that feels that way in group projects. I’m stealing the pie chart, by the way. Priceless. PS: The String Quartet or Anberlin are my go-to stress-relief music playlists.

    • Right?! A salty sailor at that :P That day was just the last straw. But yea, trying to be responsible in a group project seems to be too hard for many people. And it really sucks for the ones that actually want to try and get these things done. Especially when a huge chunk of your grade depends on it!
      Sweet! I will definitely check those out :) Thanks!

  8. Ohh man, I know exactly what that’s like! I’ve never liked group work because pretty often, I end up doing most of the work while the free loaders relax and get high scores haha. Don’t worry, they say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! You’re a survivor!!! :)

    • Haha, true that! I just wish there was a different grading system for group projects. One that would give each individual person for what they contributed to the whole. That would seem a bit more fair I would think!
      We’re all survivors! ;)

      • Maybe we ought to advocate for that! :) I remember being in a group once and each member had to show evidence of their input. I think just the idea motivated each member to work at something :)

        And yeah, we’re all survivors in our own right :)

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