The Top 5 Annoying Types of People You May Find in Class

Alright, so I was in class today and I just happened to notice all of the things that just bothered the crap out of me. I don’t know if it was the weather or what (it was brittlely cold today) , but it was as if someone just had the intention of making me have the most miserable hour and a half of my life. Just having this certain class is already bad enough. So I just wanted to point out the five types of people that you may see in your classes. Lucky for me, all five of these types are in the same class. And sit very near to me. Lotto bitches.

1. The One Who Makes it a Priority to Laugh at Everything

Alright, so this guy either has the ticks, or thinks that everything the professor says is hilarious. And not just hilarious, but almost as if the intensity of the laughter will save him from some unknown ailment. The louder the laugh = the better chances he has at surviving. It doesn’t bother me that people will laugh in class, heck I love laughing. But as much as I pay attention in class, I know that not everything he says is the freaking punchline of  an SNL episode.

Prof: “Alright class [insert lame joke, that’s moderately funny]

Class: [Snicker] {Chuckle} (Giggle)


Me: Dafuq?

~Five Minutes Later~

Prof: [Another joke]

Me: Oh shi…

2. The Nose Picker

Okay, so this is the kid that seemingly has a cavern for a nose. Now, I know what my parents meant by ‘digging for gold’. Ok, if you have an itch or something at least try to make it as inconspicuous as you can. But for this kid, an itch is the last thing on his mind. Obviously there’s something of tremendous value, because the whole class was spent venturing in those dark recesses known as the  nostrils. I knew he was getting something out, because he kept flicking something away. At least he doesn’t sit too close to me. Oh lord, I was in uniform today and finding a nice little surprise on my service jacket would’ve meant the end for him. He was lucky today. Very lucky.

3. The Get-Too-Comfortable-the-Classroom-is-my-Living-Room Guy/Girl

Alright, so I know that sometimes class can be pretty early and that you can find yourself tired, dozing off maybe. But shit, my back pack isn’t your footrest!! Lord knows where your filthy shoes have been and I have some fragile things in there. And get your head off of me! I’m not your pillow. Jesus, if your that tired and can’t even stay awake during class, what is the point of even coming?? At least have some decency for the other students around you and keep your limbs to yourself. That is if you want to keep them, of course.

4. The “I’m-Never-Wrong”

This person in my class just loves to argue with the professor. I actually feel bad for our teacher for having kids/students like this. Everything this person says, he thinks is right. He always tries to add his own experiences and methods for making things work better and why his ways are more efficient than the teachers. Well last time I checked, our teacher was the one with the Master’s degree. And I know that your grade isn’t that well (I saw your test as he was handing it back to you). Also, you’re 40 (nothing against adult learners, but if you’re going to be here at least have the decency to let the man do his job). Heck arguing with the man is only hurting yourself. Practically shooting yourself in the foot. The prof totally set this person in his place today, but not wanting to accept defeat responded with an “Oh, I guess you could do it that way, too” Admit it man, playing with fire is a dangerous game.

5. The Debbie Downer Frowner

This person always looks as if his mother stuffed a rotten lemon in his mouth for breakfast as a prank. That she happens to do every single day. Holy crap, I know that this isn’t your favorite subject, I feel that pain. But jeeeeez, have you never learned how to smile? Not even once? I don’t know if you’re trying to look cool or what. But let me tell you, it’s not working. As a matter of fact, out of sheer generosity I almost bought you a bottle of laxative to maybe cure the pain that was showing in your face. Smile man! YOLO haha.

Alright well, there you have it. A one and a half hour glimpse into the people that I have to deal with for just one class. I know I can’t be the only one that knows people like this. Although having all five in one class is like being in the Twilight Zone, except for the fact that I relive it day after day. Hope you enjoyed :) It’s good to let these things off of your chest once in a while. I almost forgot what it felt like to write like this. Now I know what it felt like when Anakin fell to the dark side.

21 Comments to “The Top 5 Annoying Types of People You May Find in Class”

  1. Like this so, so much.

    The person who always destroyed me was the clown who would never listen to the instructions while they were being relayed and then would ask a million questions about stuff WE HAD JUST GONE OVER.

    Also, you’re writing a bloody in-class essay, not solving cold fusion. How do these people tie their shoes in the morning?!

    • I know right?! It’s like we could have just gone over the answers to the test just five minutes before. Then when it comes to the test, they still happen to fail it. I honestly don’t know how much easier the teacher could make it for you. Practically giving away the answers…

      Haha!! Well, I don’t know…but I do know for sure that in my department, there are velcro shoes. Thanks for the follow by the way :)

  2. Hahaha, there are some odd characters out there, man. When I first started at the university I had this 2 girls in all of my classes and they were soo-hoo-hooo annoying, both of them blonde and always sitting in the front row right in the middle, closest to the teacher. (I just don’t like sitting in front like that, I think it’s easier to read what’s on the blackboard or so when you have a little distance and I also prefer not to be too close to the teacher but I also don’t like to sit in the back, just somewhere in the middle) Well these 2 ladies, me and my friends called them blondie and pear (because that’s what she looked like) because in the beginning we didn’t know their names, and they asked the most stupid questions you could think of, or just what the teacher explained 3 minutes ago. Sometimes I just felt like throwing stuff at them! I was very happy when they ended up in different classes than me :)

    • Hey! I sit right in the front in most of my classes! Haha :P Oh man, I love people that ask questions like that, it makes the class so much more interesting! And it goes by quicker as well. But it does get annoying when they ask questions of something that was just explained. I just want to throw my textbook at them. Maybe it’ll get more ingrained in their minds that way, if you know what I mean. Well, at least you don’t have to deal with them anymore!

  3. I would rather have these people in class where they might accidentally learn something, than out in the real world.
    And one proof of nature’s wondrous plan is the fact that our fingers fit into our noses. Feel sorry for the life forms that can not do this.

  4. Trust me man, these people are in more than just a class room. You may even meet these people in my line of work. But you never meet them twice if you know what I mean haha

  5. Haha, this is fantastic… venting with humor never fails, they say you gotta laugh to keep from crying.

    • I know right? I just need to make it to the end of this semester. I don’t know how much more I can handle the booger-picking, hardcore laughing, debbie downing, snobbish attitude I can take before I finally snap and throw my 50 pound math book at them haha.

  6. First of all, what happened to your Theme??? I thought I was on the wrong page. :)) It is entirely different. I have to get used to it now. ;)) It is not bad but I had a shock. :)) Secondly, you had a lot of activity here. I was receiving mails all the time and I was feeling bad for not having the time to read them. But now I have… a few. :D This post made me laugh so hard. :))) I had these types of colleges too, but now I have just the geeky ones. :)))

    • First of all, where have you been!!! I missed you :) Haha I know right? I had to change it up, but I couldn’t make up my mind as to what I should change it to! Oh well, first world problems eh? But, yea you disappeared for quite a bit :O Well I’m glad that I could make you laugh. And you changed your picture by the way! Looks good :D

  7. Don’t forget the serial “Could I borrow a piece of paper?” person. First of all, you don’t borrow a piece of paper, you use it. Second of all, there are these crazy things called notebooks and they are sold for like less than a dollar at some stores. People can grate on my nerves so well.

    • Oh my god right?? Notebooks are super cheap now. You can probably get 5 for a dollar. Another thing that gets on my nerves. People that would rather stand in the street than the sidewalk. If you really want me to, I’ma run you over fool!! STAY ON THE SIDEWALK!!

      • YES!!! And those annoying couples in the hallways who are making out in front of your locker and won’t move even if you push them!!
        PS We could probably do this for all eternity and not highlight every annoying person type in society. They just EVOLVE, it’s crazy!! lol

      • Oh man! I know right?! The list would never end. The lack of common sense nowadays…I feel so bad for them, yet it’s kind of hilarious. You’ve probably already heard of failblog, but if want to lose some more faith in humanity and laugh in the meantime…that’s the place you’ll find it. I might just have to start a series on this :P

  8. Thank you very much. I changes the colour of my hair (extreme change by the way :D). I missed you too. >:D<. I was so busy. I just came back from a vacation to the mountain. After 4 days of doing nothing, being at home and wasting time on the Internet is great. I celebrated Easter like a 50 year old person. :)) I need some fun!

    • Haha yea, no problem. Yep, definitely a change. But looks good though :) Haha, a vacation in the mountains you say?? That sounds pretty fun actually! I spent Easter in a pretty shady city. The people there were really frightening, I guess you can say. But yea, have some fun!! You can never have enough lol…

      • At least you were with people you like? That’s important. I would have felt better if I had been with all my friends, but… maybe next time. I am so curious how other people celebrate Easter. What did you do? I visited the city, went in the stores, ate (a lot). I don’t know if you have the same tradition. We “knock” our red Easter eggs and the one who’s egg doesn’t break, that’s the winner. Haha :))

      • Yea, but it was for some other reason. It was actually for a military conference. But usually Easter for me starts out with going to church with my family. Then later there will be a lot of candy and Easter-egg hunts for the little kids. There is soo much chocoloate…I always eat my brother’s since he gets a lot. I think I’m a bit too old to be doing that now haha!

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