Fun with Photoshop 2

Haha, I know these are really lazy posts, but I just had to share this one as well. Could not stop laughing, and subjected myself to looking like a total idiot. Good thing no one was around though. I’m pretty sure my roommates thought that either I was dying or there was a stranded dolphin in my room. Probably the latter. I almost forgot how good of an ab workout laughter brings. Now I just got to find more things to laugh at… ;P

Anyways, if you want to see more, check the website out. There are a few more on there, but these are definitely some of the better ones. By the way, today was the most perfect day ever. It was totally cloudy outside, and was on the verge of raining. Sadly, it didn’t, it was just bitterly cold. Still scratching my head on that one though, since just yesterday the temps were in the 80’s. Oh well!

13 Comments to “Fun with Photoshop 2”

  1. Yes, the pictures are good, but the dialog ties it all together.

  2. hahahahaha… This is too funny! Oh man… thanks for sharing this. I think I’ll still be laughing tomorrow :D

  3. “They probably thought I was dying or there was a stranded dolphin in my room” hahaha that made me laugh.

  4. Hahahahahahahaha. I am laughing my ass off. =)) I laughed so hard at the last picture. Hahaha.

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