Red Letter Day

Okay, so I don’t even know where to start right now. I’m so ecstatic I can barely contain it, let alone sit here in front of this computer to type it up. Haha, alright so just to give a little heads up into my situation before delving in…I am in Air Force ROTC right now. Basically how it works in college is that your first two years is kind of like an active resume building for ROTC. Basically a chance to prove yourself to the detachment why you are a good candidate to be an Officer in the United States Air Force. The summer of your sophomore year, you go to Field Training which is the equivalent of basic training for officers.

Anyways, not everyone gets to go to Field Training. Like I said, that ‘resume’ you’re trying to build is so that you can qualify for a spot just to go. This is usually the most unfortunate weeding out process that takes place every year. Last year I remember the sophomores competing to get one of these precious spots and the acceptance rate was a terrible 45% or so nation wide. Out of our well qualified group of about 46 cadets only 23 were chosen to continue on to go to Field Training. It was definitely a heart breaking time. Many who had given up so many things only to be turned away. The thing is if you don’t get a Enrollment Allocation to Field Training you can’t move on with ROTC and graduate from college as a 2nd Lieutenant.

Now I’m in my sophomore year right now and you could just imagine the stress of trying to prove myself, to earn a spot among the top of the nation to eventually become said officer. These last two years have been a crucible, molding me, shaping me to be a person capable of leading others. To ready me for my future career. One that has been on my mind for quite a long time. Our ‘resumes’ were completed and sent in to headquarters just before spring break and today we got word that we were supposed to report in to the Colonel, to know personally whether or not if all of the hard work put in was adequate to earn one of those EA’s.

I knew that we would be finding out sometime this week. But when I found out that it was supposed to be today, I couldn’t sleep at all nor focus in any of my classes today. This is basically going to determine my future and although I’ve made mental note of it…I haven’t really come up with a back up plan just in case this falls through. But anyways…

Turns out I got an EA, and that I’ll be going down to Maxwell AFB this summer to take that next step to becoming that 2nd Lieutenant. And I’m solid on that path now. It’s been such a huge relief…I still don’t know what to think actually. Not only that but we had a higher acceptance rate this year and turns out all of my buddies that I went through so much with, will also be around with me for the next few years until we graduate. The first thing I did was call my mom to let her know, and I’m pretty sure she almost passed out haha. She knows how much of a big deal this is for not only me but for our family (since we have a military background) and I am so proud to be able to walk down this path. I’ll even be able to help my mom with some finances and ease some of that burden off of her too.

It’s such a godsend, I’m still taking it all in right now. I never thought I would come to this day with the results that I got. And I just wanted to share this because of every person that’s stopped by here to read the things that I write. Know it or not, every single one of you has indirectly kept me going…allowing me to write what was on my mind to release the stress that was building over the months. I hate to keep mentioning this, but all of the support that I’ve got, amazing. Like I said I only had the intention of me being the only reader of this blog. So thank you for that. And as for me, I am going to celebrate and sleep well tonight.

Oh that last post was my 50th by the way. Did not think for one bit that I had that much to write haha. Oh, one last thought before I head out:

It’s all about perspective I tell ya.

17 Responses to “Red Letter Day”

  1. Congratulations!!! :-))

  2. Wow!! Congratulations!! :D

  3. Congrats!! That’s great news!! I hope you slept well since you really deserved it!! I know I’ll sleep better after tomorrows exam, but no, sorry, this comment is about you and not me!
    I’m happy for you, that you get the chance to do what you wished for so long and you can support your mom a bit! Take care! (BTW, too many exclamations marks?? I’m not sure…ah, maybe not, so here are a few more!!!!!)

    • Haha thanks a ton. I did sleep pretty well actually, for once :P
      I know!! Everything’s just been falling into place lately and it’s a rewarding feeling knowing that hard work finally come to pay off. Everything feels like a dream at the moment, and if it is…I better not wake up haha! (Psssh, you can never have enough exclamation marks!!!)

      • I know the feeling when for some reason, everything seems to magically fall into place, it’s great!
        (Hahaha, I’m glad!!)

  4. Congrats, you!! Good job! :)

  5. Ohh!!! I’m SOOOOOO HAPPY for you!! :) :) :) This made my day!! Congratulations! And thank you for sharing this moment with us! :)

  6. I forgot to say that it would be a great honor to have the chance to follow your path towards future, I’d so love to see you achieve what you want from future! <3

    • Oh thank you so much!! I’m glad that I was able to make your day :D I know, it’s still so hard to wrap my mind about what this means for my future. The possibilities are limitless. And I’ll finally be able to travel the world as I have always wanted to for such a long time!

  7. This is awesome news!!! Wow! Way to gooooo!!! Reach for the stars… congratulations!!! :)

    • Aw thanks!!! It is really great news! Not having to worry about the future in terms of finding a job. It’s been a huge stress relief :) Everything’s all set to go, and now I can focus on the more pressing things now like helping my mom with finances. Thanks for reading through that though.

  8. Oh… great news!!! :D Yey… I predict a great future for you. :D


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