So (nearly) concludes my week from Hell.

I’m actually afraid to type this in the case that I might jinx myself and extend this rash of horrible luck for a longer, unknown period of time. I must’ve tripped in a vat of eye of newt or some junk like that earlier this week because I have not been able to get a break since. The “Come at me Bro” attitude was probably a big mistake too, considering that I just angered the spirit of badluckedness even further. It’s just been one thing after another…and I have learned my lesson not to say that it can’t get any worse.

So to give just a glimpse of my week so far:

Tuesday, 28 February – Was tired as hell. Bought a Starbucks Double Shot in the hopes that I could stay up long enough to study a bit more for an impending test. Barely put it in the refrigerator when it spilled the entirety of its contents before I had a chance to drink it. $2.50 down the drain and I ended up with a 1/4 Shot.

Also locked my keys in my car. I have never done that before. Ended up carving $50 dollars out of my wallet. Money that I was saving for food and milk. Out of stress, bought some unnecessary clothes…furthering the deficit even more. Awesome, now at least I’ll be on somewhat of a diet. The “You-have-no-choice” one.

Except I don't get paid...

Wednesday, 29 February – Was chosen flight commander for my flight for the week. (ROTC) I have no problems with that except that it was the week of an important inspection. Which would be tomorrow. Didn’t get any sleep that night going over the procedures, so that it would be flawless.

Wanted to eat some cereal before going to sleep. For some reason I must’ve grown an extra arm, since I spilled all the milk all over my desk. Well, I guess no cereal before bed then.

Thursday, 1 March – Probably the one bright side to my week. Despite it being as cold as hell. I nailed the Inspection as well at the marching evaluation. Not a single worry* was given that day. Later, on the way to a celebratory dinner, my engine starts to steam. Turns out the hose to my water pump has a leak. Not only one…but two. Going to have to get that hose replaced. Hopefully it’s not cripplingly expensive. I barely made it home that night without my engine exploding on me. Hang in there car!! Me rove you rong time!!!

Friday, 2 March – Now car-less, I’ve had to rely on friends for rides to classes and whatnot. I haven’t felt this helpless in a while. Not only that but the check that I wrote for our National Convention was written out to the wrong person. So I’ll have to get that re-written. Nearly missed a meeting later on that day, since my ride was asleep until 5 minutes before…haha. Ha. Waa. WAAAA :…((((

Saturday, 3 March – Still car-less. Which meant that I ended up stuck at home with my oh-so-awesome roommates. Rolling around a bed of cat-hair (which I’m allergic to) while being shot at by paintball guns would have been a far more pleasurable experience. Had to bring up the fact that I wasn’t able to go to church the next day, since I was going to get my car looked at. I could tell that my roommates were crucifying me in their minds just by the horrible look in their eyes. However, I’m still here to type this…so I guess that’s a good sign. The silver lining to that day was being able to hang with some friends, doing some secret AAS stuff. Muhahaha.

Sunday, 4 March – Got to sleep in a bit. Until I realized there is a huge programming project due on Monday. Went on the Professor’s page to find the assignment, only to find to my horror, that there was nothing there. Sigh…well, I’m not new to these kinds of situations…If only my luck will turn around for a bit.

So, that is the highlight of my week so far. There have been other countless little things that I just couldn’t remember and things that I would rather not remember. So please!! If you have any to spare, send some good luck this way!!

If it were only this easy…Hopefully the rest of your week is tenfolds better than mine!! :D

If only...

*Usually replaced with a different word, if you’re familiar with the phrase.

13 Comments to “So (nearly) concludes my week from Hell.”

  1. haha…yes, I’m familiar with the phrase, my 9gag brother :D. You had a terrible week, but I\m sure everything will be alright in the end. Try to be more positive :D. The attitude makes your day (I know it’s not easy, but try)… oh… and GOOD LUCK!!!

    • Haha yes! 9gag, my daily stress relief. Haha just kidding. Hopefully everything will turn out alright…it’s already looking expensive for my car, but it definitely could have been worse. And yes, I will definitely try to be more positive! Thank you!

      • Enjoy the sun and the good weather (if exists) and don’t stress yourself with money problems (they came and go very fast whatever you’ll do). I want to see soon a new post with the title “Everything went soooo good these days”. :D

  2. Absolutely :D Yea, money shouldn’t drive your life. Although having enough for food every once in a while would be nice. Fixing the car really took a huge chunk out of personal expenses, but I can only be happy that I won’t be stuck here once spring break starts. And the weather has been super nice lately!! Oh man, I’m so excited for spring…the winter has taken way too long to get over with lol.

    Haha, thanks! Okay, the next post will be titled that exactly! “Everything went soooo good these days” :D I mean, you know…if you don’t mind :P

  3. This might sound very strange but personally I like money problems. For a couple years of my life when I lived in Morocco I was living on practically nothing. It’s one of those learning experiences. Hope all is well with training and school my friend!

    • That’s true. I guess it really makes you think about needs/wants. That’s how I’ve been hanging here for the past month or so. Do I need food, or do I want it? Hahaha. But no, it’s definitely a learning experience for sure. Everything’s going well so far, now onto spring break!! Hope everything’s going well with you too!

      • Ahh spring break. I love it. Sometimes. I don’t really have a spring break per say, because of my job though. Trust me if you are hungry you should eat haha. But everything is good with me. I got a freaking amazing job which I will post about hopefully over the weekend.

  4. I’m not familiar with the phrase!!!! I suck. :(

  5. Great Read!

    Transferring some luck from my account to yours….


    Please wait your transaction is in process…..


    Transaction cancelled due to insufficient luck in account.


    • Yes, perfect…I can feel the transfer! Or is that just a head cold. Nope, it’s got to be that fresh shipment of good luck. Wait, wai-what…what. No, no, NOOOOO!! Insufficient??? Luck??? Oh, god…no.

      I admire your generous outlook to help this poor fellow. Maybe next time.

  6. Oh yes I’m familiar with the phrase!! Loved this – you’re a scream :)

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