Creepy? Or am I just a mean person…

So, I’m guessing that many of you are just wondering what kind of roommates that I have. (Of course you are!) Well, it’s kind of hard to describe actually. But, for ‘R’ (the one that I mentioned in these posts here and here) I think I may have found a really close representation of him without having to secretly video tape him. I’m sure he wouldn’t consent to me videotaping him anyways, he would probably think I was sucking out his soul or something of that manner.

Alright, so one of my friends had the kindness to forward this video to me just recently. Gee thanks.

Anyways, watching this video made me cringe like a snail that had just had salt thrown in it’s eyes after being doused in vinegar. Because it was a near representation of my roommate ‘R’. It was almost as if he was staring into my soul and I could just feel the my life being drained away by the voice that was uttering from that face. I mean, I’m not picking a bone or anything with the kid in the video. Maybe the ladies secretly all want their boyfriends to make a dedication video like this for them, I have no idea. But this was really creepy. I mean it was more awkward than the one time I accidentally walked into my Uncle taking a deucer right after the Thanksgiving feast. Worst part, we made eye contact since the can is directly facing the door. That image is now permanently burned into my corneas. And we can never look at each other straight anymore because of that.

So, I just thought I’d share that with you, since I have to deal with a very similar personality  to the kid on the video on a day to day basis. Imagine watching this video everyday, except the video was a person and that person was your roommate. I mean, I can’t be the only one with creepy roommates…am I?

2 Comments to “Creepy? Or am I just a mean person…”

  1. hahaha i thoroughly enjoyed this post. pure humor. gosh, how do you sleep at night?

  2. Hahahahaha…I laughed my ass off. While I was watching this video, I was thinking only how creepy this would sound if I were a boy. =)) I’m pretty sure that I would have had nightmares. However, it was very funny. I hope your roommate is not that…”romantic” with everyone around him. :))

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