Fresh Start

Every body has a way of expressing themselves. Whether it’s by writing poetry or taking photographs, playing sports or creating art of any sort. Every body has their own little niche, something that they enjoy doing. Something that they find solace in…a way to capture emotions and to share it with others. Anyways, I don’t really know where I’m going with this, maybe because it’s way past my bedtime?? Just kidding…I’m a big kid now, no need for diapers anymore! Haha.

Well, I remember now what I was trying to get at. For me, I find comfort in something that is of my own making, as many others do. Whether it’s their written works or athletic accolades. But for me this is a little something that I intend to get better at.

Avatar was one of my favorite shows from being a kid, and I just thought I’d share it here. However, I am glad that I’m still on break at the moment…otherwise I probably would have focused a little too much time on this than other, more important things ~school *cough *cough. Anyways, hope you enjoy! :D

4 Comments to “Fresh Start”

  1. Avatar was the best show. And you know what, I’m a grown man and I’m proud to say it hahaha. Two questions: First, did you make that video? If so, it was awesome. I think I cried a Little. Second. Do I have t choose between ten and fifteen bloggers for the versatile blogger award? I’m sure I could find that many, but the time and effort…and time….that I don’t have….eh screw it, I’ll just find ten.

    • Definitely! It’s just that great of a show, for sure. [Sigh] After all of that rambling above, I should have made clear that I did indeed make that video. Besides blogging, editing is a huge stress relief for me. I just wish to get better at it, but time is definitely a factor. But I’m glad that you like it :D

      But speaking of time haha, yea you don’t have to pick up to fifteen! I’m sure you can pick whatever amount as long as those people mean something to you. So no worries! Don’t burden yourself too much about it!

  2. That video is amazing. It makes me miss the show so much.
    I’m actually really psyched for school. But then again I am a nerd.

    • Haha, well thanks! The show is amazing. I’ve been watching it lately since that’s all my little brother will watch on tv. Well, that and a whole bunch of other cartoons. But hey, I don’t mind :) And school…that word brings dread to my soul hahaha.

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