The Simple Days

Every once in a while, I’ll have a dream. A really peaceful dream actually. I’m in a field, some sort of pasture and I’m free to run. Run forever and ever without a care in the world because there are no worries. The sun is bright, the clouds are high, the field is green. I could feel the cool air brush on my face as I’m running. Flowing through my hair and my clothes. Very surreal. I almost feel like I’ve been in a place like this before. But I never have.

Then I wake up and in an instant…everything is gone. I find myself facing another day, mostly of the same routines. I sometimes wish that I could fall back asleep and go back to that haven. That safe place where the monotony of this world is broken. But I can’t and I have to bring myself to wake up. I have to realize that maybe there isn’t a place like that. No where close to me anyways…

Hard to believe that another year is coming to a close. The Christmas tree in our living room is dim. The presents there no more. To be honest, I didn’t really feel a Christmas cheer this year. I feel like it’s just used as more of a marketing tool for many corporations to sell their products. It just feels like it lost that magic that made it such a special day. I remember when I was a few years younger the weeks leading up to Christmas would feel like I was in limbo. Christmas couldn’t just get here any faster! But this year, it just felt like another ordinary day…is this how adults feel about the holidays?

I was able to see War Horse today. And it was actually a touching story. Really enjoyed it. And I’m not really a fan of a boy-that-falls-in-love-with-an-animal type of story either. Looking a little past the story, I realized that before all of this technology that things used to be good and innocent. Everything was so much more pure. People were more open, more friendly. You could look into someone’s eyes and they would look back at you and smile.

Another show/movie that I watched recently was 5 Centimeters Per Second. I wanted to mention this one because reminiscing about life before computers and cell phones made me remember this gem of a story. The movie, in brief, is about this boy and a girl that are unable to share their feelings for each other. They eventually grow up and follow their own paths, but this movie was freaking heartbreaking. I was basically shouting at my computer the whole time for them just to admit their feelings for each other. And you know, I actually might have shed a few tears at the end. Or it could’ve been my contact solution. Yea, it was definitely the solution.

But absolutely stunning plot and visuals for both movies. But the point is that life before seemed to be more carefree. I don’t yet know if it’s just me growing up and moving away from the comforts of being just a kid or if it might be just the times. The internet may connect the globe, but does it connect hearts? I feel as if genuine kindness of the heart is harder to come by these days…but I’m not saying that it’s gone. You just have to search deeper, I guess.

Anyways, its officially New Years Eve now and I just wanted to get that off my mind. I don’t really mind if no one reads what I write. I just feel that it is soothing maybe even stress relieving to lay down what’s really on my mind every once in a while. So if you’ve happened to make it down this far, I thank you and I want to wish you a Happy New Year! New year, new beginnings right?

16 Comments to “The Simple Days”

  1. Such dreams can be so…relaxing. And yet, when you wake up, you’re faced with activities which couldn’t be any less relaxing!

    And the feeling about holidays; scary. I’d rather not ever be an adult if it means holidays will start seeming dull and prosaic *shudder*

    Oh BTW, Happy New Year! :)

    • Definitely, sometimes I wish there was a machine that would save your dreams, so that you could revisit them again later. But only the good ones of course!

      And yes, I guess it’s up to us to make the holidays as we see them, keep them alive and what not.

      And I hope your New Years was great as well! :D

  2. Excellent point! Life feels so rushed now….
    Also, I wanted to tell you how much your writing has improved! Even just since I started reading you blog. Not that it was bad before, but you seem more comfortable with the art now.

    • So rushed…it’s a great feeling to stop every once in a while in all of the hustle and bustle and take a deep breath, look around, and realize that there is so much more to this world than just what’s in front of us.

      But thank you so much! That does really mean a lot!

  3. yep, still reading … Happy New Year!

  4. Of course we’re reading! Wonderful post. It’s tricky, but you can manage to be an adult without actually growing up. The key is not to care even one little bit what the random person in the street thinks of you. People whose opinions you respect, sure. But everyone else? Who cares! Happy new year, and keep on blogging.

    • True words of wisdom! It’s good to know that there isn’t just a set boundary between being a kid and and being an adult. I just feel like I’m in such an awkward state between the two…I don’t really know, it’s such a hard thing to explain!

      But thank you! :D And I will most definitely try.

  5. Even as adult I’ve always had a good cheery mood on Christmas, at least most of the time, but this time there was no feeling. I got nice useful presents but I just feel nothing. :/ New year was fine with friends, but still no really big fun. Some gaming, some laughing, but something’s missing… :/

    Anyway, wish you a succesfull New Year and much luck!

    • Same! Christmas for our family was usually a time of enjoying being in each other’s company. But lately, it just seems like it’s been a sort of chore? I don’t even know. Just the usual routine of getting gifts for each other. I feel as if something is missing too…

      Thank you so much. I hope you have a great year, something you could look forward too. And maybe you’ll find that which has always eluded you!

  6. On Christmas & adults feelings about.

    As someone who is supposed to be an adult, at least in chronological age I find I need to make this holiday what I want it to be. I have to find the magic that this Holy Holiday held for me as a child, and as a parent of young children. When my two daughter’s left home after they finished school I was lost for Christmas. Suddenly it more different than it had ever been.
    I can create to please me now. I asked myself what parts of the holiday am I missing that could give me back that sense of magic.
    Next year, and the many years after,.. I would be curious to know what those things would be for you?

    And your field sounds heavenly. I wonder if there is someplace, albeit not a field, but a place that YOU create that is that safe haven for you. A Sanctuary if you will.
    I know you can do it, I also know that someone who writes with as much heart as you can definitely create this kind of haven for yourself. No question.

    Just as your image says, Why complicate life? There are answers for ourselves if we just look, then act.

    I love the image, and I love that a movie can touch you to tear contact lens solution…

    • Haha, well thanks for stopping by :D I’m still trying to figure out what made them so special as a kid…but if I do figure it out I will let you know!

      And thank you. I just usually write what’s on my mind and I guess sometimes I get carried away, haha. That haven, for me it is real. It may not be a field as amazing as the one in my dreams, but it is just being in the presence of the lord. I would definitely not be here without Him. Oh, and music too! I love to immerse myself in music and just get lost in the notes.

      But thanks once again for your insights :)

  7. As some one else suggested, you can still find simple. Just cast off all the things you think you need or should be or, more importantly, others think you need or should be. Actually writing as you are, even on a computer, is a way of clearing away the noise and the clutter that, I think, take the sparkle off of life.

    Thanks for sharing and best wishes for the New Year!

    • Being true to yourself. It seems like that is the key to obtaining that inner peace. Awesome insight! I will definitely keep that in mind, because I know there are times where, I especially, would like to just give in to myself.

      And thank you! I wish the same to you as well :D

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