I was Superman…for a second.

So last night I had the weirdest dream. I was Clark Kent in a rather empty metropolitan setting. Now being Superman I noticed I had the ability to fly, beam lasers through my eyes (which was awkward since I accidentally rid my work place of my boss), and be as fast as lightning. Now as many would attest, being in a dream is a rather surreal experience…yet when you are in the dream, everything seems to be normal. For instance. Even though I had the ability to fly, my braindead counterpart in dreamland insisted on taking the elevator. My arch-nemesis happened to be the Joker, who favored using a bb-gun against me in our epic battle before I woke up.

Superman!...not Spiderman :(

What I expected to be an action packed dream turned into a really weird romantic LA-Noire mushy story. At at the horror of my very own eyes I couldn’t do anything about it, since I did not have the ability to save myself from this dream by waking myself up. The part that I remember the most was that the Joker took my Lois Lane and kidnapped her to a rather decrepit, rundown theatre. I followed suit, and being the idiot that I was and not utilizing my superpowers, took the elevator down a 400 story building, walked out to the street and proceeded to call a cab. What the hell? My one chance as Superman and I do what any other person would have done. Anyways after arriving at the theatre…which I somehow knew exactly where it was…I walked in only to be gunned down by the Joker and his weak-as-shit bb gun. This was the most disappointing part of the dream.

I had the ability to annihilate this entire world and the thing that killed me was not kryptonite, but a homicidal clown with a bb gun. Lois ended up managing to escape on her own and saved me. I was given the kiss of life (which I have no idea at all where that came from) and was somehow resurrected from the afterlife. I was so embarrassed at this point. I basically did Superman a big dishonor. But whatever, the Joker, it turns out, had never hit me with any of his shots and I was just being a huge scaredy cat and passed out. A greater dishonor. But I did manage to come back and punch the Joker all the way to the moon which effectively ended my dream-turned-horrific-nightmare-of-shame.

Now I don’t really understand what that all meant…at all. But that was definitely one of the more vivid dreams that I’ve had in a while. And sitting here on the side of my bed trying to recall these events which happened more than half a day ago hasn’t been going too well either. Every five minutes my mind has decided to wander to some other place, so coming back to see what I typed has been rather interesting…Anyways I now have to option to stay up just a bit later (like a big kid!) since I don’t have to worry about school anymore so I just thought I’d share this rather delusional dream with you. Maybe you can make more sense of it than I did?


11 Responses to “I was Superman…for a second.”

  1. Haha I rarely have dreams, but when I do they are the best. P.S. I have a folder of about 200 spider man meme pictures.

    • Haha, wow that is a lot quite an overkill of spiderman meme pictures…but what can I say they are all so hilarious. Some very inappropriately so. I wish I had good dreams that actually made sense once in awhile…

  2. had some days ago the dream my parents were secret agents…… i was so happy waiting for christmas and 200% sure i’d get a new gun or a kevlar vest… then i woke up to the tough reality :P

    and the day after that had a dream of end of the world. those come every now and then. last time everything was flooded with lava and the last living people climbed on top of pointy mountains. this time the world got flooded with stormy waters. and my only worry was that i’d lost my dearest toy as kid, a fluffy cat. had only my teddybear and held it tight when drowning with everyone else. O_o drowning in a dream is not really bad feeling, have it quite often. once it was me being conserved in a cryo tank for a hundred years ;D

    yea and once i was darth vader’s new disciple ;D and he taught me how to fly and spread fire and destruction.

    • That is the worst…I had a dream once when I was little that I got the Gameboy Advance for my birthday. It was definitely the most realistic dream I’ve ever had. Then I woke up. Never had I been more disappointed in my 8 year old life at the point haha. Until Christmas, when I got a bunch of clothes. Then that was the new day that would hold that title.

      But drowning? I think that would be really scary…I’ve never had a dream where I died…Maybe fallen off of a cliff, but in reality I just fell off of my bed. And that would be amazing to be Darth Vaders Apprentice :D

  3. wow…you were a superhero :D I laugh out loud at the part where you wrote that you were trying to call a cab while having the ability to fly. :))))) I have senceless dreams too, all the time, but mine are not that complex. :)) I dreamt something about school last night…was a nightmare of course :)))

    • Haha, that is so funny!…We must’ve been separated at birth is my guess considering how many things we have in common :) Haha, well at least you don’t have to worry about school now for awhile right! I’m guessing that you’re flight went well, and you are well on your way to enjoy an amazing vacation in Italy?!

  4. Sounds like a pretty cool dream though even if it was confusing! (most dreams are!) I don’t think I’ve had a dream about superheros like that but it would be cool. I’ve had some interesting ones though even though they didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  5. I think you like strong women, why else would Lois Lane save you?
    Did you have an incident involving bb-guns when you were younger?
    And as for not flying, I’m not really sure how to interpret that. Maybe you are a lazy superman.

    • Haha, that could possibly be an explanation for Lois Lane ;D And I did actually. My uncle thought it would be funny if he just kept shooting me one day with a bb gun when I was younger. It was a really weak one, but being 8 at the time…any kind of gun, especially one pointed at me, was a really scary thing for me. Haha, that’s true…maybe I am a lazy superman :/


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