Alright, so who released me from the handcuffs?!

So after complaining about not being able to focus for study, turns out that I wasn’t able to study at all. [Facepalm] (More like face PUNCH). After pointlessly cycling through the same 3 or so websites and catching up on the most recent episode of The Office (which was hilarious btw), plus cleaning my room, and jeez, even doing the laundry…the progress on studying = 0. Well, with all of the time that I wasted today I probably could’ve done something useful say…study! Oh well, I was trying to be a bit ahead of the game and study early-er than usual but it turns out that didn’t work out too well. At all.

But no…instead I had to do another post. This is the 3rd one today. Is there a social norm for a limit one can do a day?? I feel that it can get quite annoying to see multiple posts from the same person…But f*&k social norms, we are not sheep and everyone is entitled to their own individuality. [Sigh] Once again…what the heck am I talking about?! Gonna have to come up with themed days or something so that I can at least have some sort of topic to stick to…Hmm actually, I just might have an idea for that. ~Giggle ~giggle -chortle. What I have in mind might seem awesome at the moment, just how I have it pictured. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out as stupid as the idea that crossed my mind that I should have a Pterodactyl that shoots chainsaws out of it’s ass as my emblem. Pardon the language..*studying* all day has really taken a toll. Tomorrow, tomorrow’s a new day :/

One Comment to “Alright, so who released me from the handcuffs?!”

  1. Tomorrow is always a better day to study or, in my case, to finish your projects from school. :)))

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