So in my free time, besides writing posts I also like to make AMV’s of my favorite shows. Lately it’s been an Avatar the Last Airbender theme, and I also had the chance to take some time and make one for a friend last night. It’s really stress relieving for sure. It basically took all day yesterday but it was totally worth it. Here it is:

Haha I know it’s a kids show but hey, what can I say…maybe I’m still a kid at heart. Plus it wasn’t just any kids show, it was the greatest show of my childhood. I’m at that weird age where I’m not exactly an adult yet although the law may say I am, but mentally…eh it can be argued :P But I’m also not a teenager anymore. I can’t exactly hang around the McDonald’s playsets anymore without people thinking I’m crazy haha. But why would I want to?? What the hell am I talking about…those things are as disgusting as the underbelly of a recently commissioned sumo wrestler.

But yea, because of this I got no homework done yesterday…good thing I didn’t have too much. But with finals still around the corner I got to focus, so that I can wreck them like a high schooler driving in the snow, and go home to enjoy a good well deserved Christmas break with the family.

5 Comments to “Pastime”

  1. Wow…you made that video? Cool..:D
    I am distracted by things/sites/blogs/facebook too and I don’t do my projects for college or I don’t I know how it is. :))…I would do anything to delay my activities. Good luck at your finals. :D

  2. Haha, thanks! I get really distracted too :D Anything to avoid doing homework haha. But yea, thanks and good luck on your projects and studying! Just…a…few…more…days :D

  3. Actually Avatar is probably one of the deepest, most well thought out cartoons i have ever seen. Each and every character is so rich and fleshed out. Good luck on your finals

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