I’m watering a shoe, buzz off.

So considering my classes were cancelled today…and I got nothing better to do at the moment I’ll throw in another post.

Lately, I’ve just been wanting some time for myself. I am not an anti-social type of person, really! Just sometimes I just need to take a step back from all of the varying problems that people just seem to bring to me. I don’t know, I guess people see me as a mediator because of my personality and will come to me for help. I’m not complaining about that part. I’m actually really grateful that people will see me as trustworthy enough to approach about anything. However, when the going gets tough…who do I go to? I can’t just talk to myself…as interesting as I may be to talk to (which is just an exaggeration, to be honest [sigh]).

One person in particular has been bothering the crap out me lately and it’s been getting super annoying. Alright so before I continue on this story let me lay out the details. There are none. Well, it would take forever to explain. How about a piece of a phone conversation instead:

Annoying Person: Hey Simon we haven’t hung out in a while

Me: [oh jeez, WHAT do you want now…] …deep breath… h…h…Hey man what’s up?

AP: We haven’t hung out in a while, how bout we do some hangin’ Thursday?

Me: [OH NO, quick come up with something] I have scuba class on Thursdays remember?  (Which is the truth actually/sadly)

AP: Oh bummer, what about Sunday?

Me: Broomball (Which is also true by the way…)

AP: Friday?

Ok so at this point, I just ended the conversation. I guess he didn’t get the hint. I just let him know that I had no days this week open to chill out. With finals coming and everything, the last thing I would want to do is to waste time hanging out with someone that just will not leave me alone. I know that I’m leaving out a lot of the details, but it’s mostly to protect the other person’s privacy. Really nice person overall, but can definitely get nosy pretty much all the time. This person basically has to know everything about me, and I would definitely like to keep some privacy and personal space. I need to find a cave, find a rock in that cave and then hide under that rock for a bit. And sleep. Definitely catch up on some o’that sleep.

Sigh, just a few more weeks until the end of this year. And if you happen to find me before that, and I’m sitting in the corner watering a shoe…buzz off. Haha jk. But no really.

6 Comments to “I’m watering a shoe, buzz off.”

  1. When I saw the title of your post I was sure I would find this picture in it. :))) I have the same picture in my computer. She is soooooooo cute and a bad ass too :)). She makes me laugh all the time.
    About that annoying person, sometimes I wish I had such an annoying friend around me. :)) Maybe I say that because I don’t go out with the same person more that 4 times in a year, so I don’t have steady friends. If I were in your situation, with lots of things to do and many friends I surely would say the same thing.

  2. Haha, yea she is just so serious which makes it funny.
    No more than 4 times a year?! Oh man, I would cry if I was in a situation like that…(but wait I don’t cry remember :P Haha jk) But usually, I’m really tolerant, I love meeting new people! But sometimes they just need to know about some personal space. I mean I’ll tell people about what’s going on in my life. Heck, this blog is doing that for me and it’s to people I’ve never met! But when that person needs to know everything about my life, and I mean EVERYTHING, it starts to get really annoying…

    • :D The good part is that I have a lot of..friends..if I can say that, but nobody is that close to go out with him/her very often. I love meeting new people too, maybe too much. :)) I think your friends are:1. bored, 2, don’t have any subject to discuss so they only ask “how are you, how have you been, what are you doing?..etc”, 3. ooooorrrr, they care to much of what happens to you…:-?

      • That’s always good that you have many friends :D But it’s also great to have a close few that you can trust your life with. And I’ve been blessed to have met people that are like that. It’s amazing to know that you’re not going through this life alone, that others may be experiencing the same thing right now.
        And thank you for always commenting on my posts :D As boring as they may be haha.

      • You’re welcome..Haha..they are not boring. I saw your last post “Pastime” (when I checked my e-mail) and I was “whooo..new post” (read it with an excited voice :D ):))).

  3. Haha, well thank you! I will continue the posts as best as I can :D

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