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December 2, 2011

I’m watering a shoe, buzz off.

So considering my classes were cancelled today…and I got nothing better to do at the moment I’ll throw in another post.

Lately, I’ve just been wanting some time for myself. I am not an anti-social type of person, really! Just sometimes I just need to take a step back from all of the varying problems that people just seem to bring to me. I don’t know, I guess people see me as a mediator because of my personality and will come to me for help. I’m not complaining about that part. I’m actually really grateful that people will see me as trustworthy enough to approach about anything. However, when the going gets tough…who do I go to? I can’t just talk to myself…as interesting as I may be to talk to (which is just an exaggeration, to be honest [sigh]).

One person in particular has been bothering the crap out me lately and it’s been getting super annoying. Alright so before I continue on this story let me lay out the details. There are none. Well, it would take forever to explain. How about a piece of a phone conversation instead:

Annoying Person: Hey Simon we haven’t hung out in a while

Me: [oh jeez, WHAT do you want now…] …deep breath… h…h…Hey man what’s up?

AP: We haven’t hung out in a while, how bout we do some hangin’ Thursday?

Me: [OH NO, quick come up with something] I have scuba class on Thursdays remember?  (Which is the truth actually/sadly)

AP: Oh bummer, what about Sunday?

Me: Broomball (Which is also true by the way…)

AP: Friday?

Ok so at this point, I just ended the conversation. I guess he didn’t get the hint. I just let him know that I had no days this week open to chill out. With finals coming and everything, the last thing I would want to do is to waste time hanging out with someone that just will not leave me alone. I know that I’m leaving out a lot of the details, but it’s mostly to protect the other person’s privacy. Really nice person overall, but can definitely get nosy pretty much all the time. This person basically has to know everything about me, and I would definitely like to keep some privacy and personal space. I need to find a cave, find a rock in that cave and then hide under that rock for a bit. And sleep. Definitely catch up on some o’that sleep.

Sigh, just a few more weeks until the end of this year. And if you happen to find me before that, and I’m sitting in the corner watering a shoe…buzz off. Haha jk. But no really.

December 2, 2011

House of Horrors

Alright so one of my roommates, the creepy one to be exact, lives on the second floor of our house. Now one thing that I don’t understand is that his room has no blinds. It has two windows but no blinds whatsoever. His windows overlook our street, so every time I pull up the driveway, he has a clear line of sight to it. Now his room is always dark so what’s unsettling is that although he may see you in the driveway you probably won’t see him. It’ll be midday and the room will be dark. It’ll be midnight and the room will be dark, considering he sleeps. But for some reason, some gut wrenching reason I don’t think that sleep is something that my roommate does.

Once I came back home really late at night. I was expecting that everybody was asleep so I tried entering the house really quietly. (Just trying to keep in mind of the others that may be asleep, something that many people don’t really care about these days) I entered a pitch black house, so to fix that I took out my flashlight that I just happened to have. Well the next thing I saw nearly gave me a heart attack that only 3 Big Macs and 2 Hangover burgers in one sitting while being administered root beer into the bloodstream via IV can deliver.

My roommate was just sitting there in the living room in the dark and when I saw him, he whispered “~Hi, Simon…”. This was not too long after watching Paranormal Activity 3, so I was still a little jumpy at the things that go ‘bump’ in the dark. Actually I was more than jumpy, I practically saw the light at the end of the tunnel. And I haven’t even traveled the world to find my true love yet…But whatever, I just gave a quick ‘what’s up’ and went straight to my room and locked the door. Because of this and many other similar incidents I feel as if my life may be in more danger here in this home than any other place that I’ve ever been. I’m pretty sure that if I rolled around in chum and jumped into a tank of water with 7 Great Whites I would be at less risk than living in this house. Haha, prob not.

But anyways, going off topic here. So my roommate has no blinds on his windows. And I saw this picture one day and lord would I give anything to be able to do this.

I don’t know…I just thought that that would be hilarious. I just need the time. And the snow. Gotta fight back if I want to survive in this house of horrors ya know?

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