Home is where…the food is.

So it’s been a few days into Thanksgiving break already, and I couldn’t be any more happy to be back home. Not only because of the abundance of food…but also because I’m home with the family. Actually, come to think of it, I’m really lucky that I even made it back home on the drive down. I’m pretty sure the entire town was leaving the exact same day and what should have been a three hour drive turned into a 5 hour endurance test of patience.

People were just rushing to get back home, and I understand that. But you don’t have to put others at risk in the process. I passed 8 accidents on the way home and it wasn’t even in bad weather…It seemed like everybody was ok though, just a lot of rear-enders and fenderbenders. The accidents really backed up the traffic which is what took the extra time. But needless to say, I made it.

I left school to come down for home that friday which also happened to be my mom’s birthday. Just being able to make it back home for that and seeing her smile totally erased all of the memories of that horrendous nightmare of a drive. I wasn’t able to get anything for her before coming down…but she said that me making it home safely was enough of a birthday present for her. That just made me feel even more guilty. But I will find something to make up for it…

Anyways, besides that, I really don’t have anything much to write about. Oh yea, our kitchen is stockpiled with food for Thanksgiving. That and I am over a hundred miles away from my roommates. I am so grateful…so…so grateful.

One Comment to “Home is where…the food is.”

  1. I like the title :))). So true…I adore when I go home and all I do is ordering food. :))
    Happy birthday for you mom :D!
    I know the feeling of being away from roommates…just heaven. Enjoy this time because it will pass very fast. :))

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