It’s what you make it.

So I’ve been thinking about where I want this blog to go for a bit. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pour myself out and expose my own weaknesses and insecurities to people that I don’t even know. It would seem like a dumb idea, but there are others out there that may need to hear what I have to say to possibly relate, because you never know. A friendly hello can change a persons life. I’ve witnessed it. Either that, or keep up my lame attempts at sarcasm, because we all need a good laugh every once in a while. I know I do. Laughing makes everything bearable. Well, most things anyway.

So after some deliberation, I’m going to keep going with the funnies. Or try to anyways. Life is way too short I realize, and there are enough things to worry about. If I constantly made a big deal about the things that I didn’t have then the list would never end. I could complain about not having money. But that’s nothing compared to living…no, surviving in a third world country. I at least have food that I can readily eat, a shelter over my head and the comfort of knowing that I don’t have to fend for my life every single day. No matter how bad your situation may seem, there is always someone in a spot worse than you.

I know it may seem childish or even impossible, but my goal is to help out as many people as I possibly can, in any way possible. We’re all people, we all go through similar if not the exact same things. I know funds for me may be low at the moment but like I said…in any way possible. For example, through this blog. I know it may be little and maybe even stupid but I’m building up to it. If I can bring a smile to even one person who happens to read this (not necessarily this post), then I’m on the right path. Laughter is such a powerful medicine. And in this technology crazy world, it seems the only way I can reach people is through the medium that dominates our lives. How many times have you walked through a crowded place and realized that no one is smiling anymore? How many times have you walked somewhere and never even once thought of taking a deep breathe and looking up towards the warm sunny sky, knowing how precious life is?

So I may seem like someone that doesn’t take into account about what others think, or how they feel. But that is the exact opposite for me. I guess you have to lose something to realize how important it is. I almost lost my mom, who happens to be the best mother a person could ask for in this world. The amount of support that she has given me is unimaginable. She kept both of us strong even through a divorce. Her ‘never give up’ attitude and her incredible faith in God is the reason that I’m here today. She defeated a brain tumor classified as ‘large’ on June 23, 2006, two days after my birthday. I don’t even want to know where I would’ve been if things had turned out differently…But it didn’t and today she is 110%. You wouldn’t even know she had the surgery.

So anyways, that’s what my short term goal is. To make you (yes, you) [really…you] smile. Because time is short and all we can do in this world is make the best out of everything. Your life is what you make it. And with a little faith yourself, you can definitely make it.

Look at the sky every once in a while!!

10 Responses to “It’s what you make it.”

  1. I’m with you all the way. I’m new to blogging but hoping it can be a creative outlet and a way to help people. Everyone can learn from each other’s experience, and using humor makes the big things easier to swallow and relate to. You’ve made at least one person smile :) Keep it up!

    • Thanks a lot! Yea, same here…I just started blogging too and am still feeling for what my focus will be. But yea, you keep up the good work also! I’ve been following your posts and they are so true. Especially the Long Run. Good stuff. Cheers!!

  2. “time is short and all we can do in this world is make the best out of everything. Your life is what you make it. And with a little faith yourself, you can definitely make it.” — Thank you. :)

  3. Great article. I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

    …and remember…A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted ;-)

  4. One more smile you make now :)
    Juz wanna say thanks for following my blog. I love your idea to cherish life by making someone smile through your works on this blog. You made it!
    Thanks for your encouraging thoughts!

    • No, I want to thank you! I know it’s really not much, but I know when I read something that makes me laugh I feel great on the inside and I just want to spread that. And it’s no problem, I like what you have to say :D


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