Anything to avoid homework.

So after a pretty uneventful day, I find myself coming back to write more posts even though I promised myself I wouldn’t. Great. Awesome. I love blogs. Cats. Blah.

There’s something cathartic about making posts about someone (<—I used the cross out thing …see that?!) about events and nobody will ever know who I am talking about. It was kind of a surprise that people would actually enjoy what I’ve been writing…so thank you! To all two of you. SHOUTOUT!! Haha.

So anyways, after getting some necessary things done for this upcoming week, I’ve come face to face with my archenemy again. Homework. I’ve resorted to doing anything…except homework. Right now, I’d rather lick the top of my refrigerator than do my homework.

I always knew you were dirty…

No, I will not do you anywhere. We’re on a time out right now. You naughty thing. But I realize that I’m hurting myself more with every word that comes after this one. I almost regret making this blog and encountering a totally new world to syphon my time into. My High School English teacher would be proud though. She was always a blogging type. Made us blog with each other as part of an assignment. Thought that was the worst and most pointless time wasting assignment at the time, but come to think of it…yea, it still is haha. Almost pointless.

Anyways, I will have to wrap this one up for now. But don’t fret. I will be back. Pfft, hahaha. Now onto homework so that I could get good grades so that I can become a productive citizen so that I could buy a house for myself so that I can enjoy some me time. In the distant future that is. I’m still poor as dirt at the moment.

What do you think?

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