Where did my Saturday go?

So after a few hours of doing absolutely nothing, I’m actually starting to get a little worried that I haven’t started anything at all for school. Cycling through the same 3-4 websites has basically eaten up my Saturday. Awesome.

The other day I finally joined the bandwagon and purchased Minecraft. Besides this blog, that game was bad choice number 2. And those are only the bad decisions that I’ve made in the last 3 days! Anyways, I’ve been playing non-stop. At first I was like “wow, this game is so pointless” but when the sun went down that first night and I had to fend for myself like Chuck Noland after being stranded in the middle of nowhere, I learned some valuable life lessons.

1. Don’t go outside after it’s dark. There are mean people out there that are out to harm you, whether it’s by throwing blocks at you or poisoning you.

2. Build yourself some shelter. Otherwise number 1 will happen to you. True story.

3. Food is important. Being a poor college kid, I know and feel that every single day.

4. It’s a lonely world. I’ve resorted to making conversation with the cows and sheep that, for some odd reason, persist on swimming in the middle of the ocean.

5. Last but not least, if you haven’t bought this game or played the free portion…don’t. You will succumb to it and time will be devoured in an instant.

I’ve gotten to the point where I built myself basically a mansion on top of this huge ginormous mountain. There’s even a basement, skylights, my bed is outside on a floating platform because for some reason when it was inside monsters kept spawning inside my house and killing me. I almost had to change my pants the first time that happened.

With that being said, I should prob go scrounge around the house for some food…and then maybe I can start being productive!!

What do you think?

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